Head Quarters 0034 Cams?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bodeen, May 5, 2011.

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    Anybody got any experience with these in a bagger? I am interested to hear any thoughts on them.



    56 views and nobody has tried them? Guess I'm gonna have to be the first here to do so......

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    Sorry I can't say anything on that part # however, I have used a lot of other cams from HQ's and have always been impressed with them. Be honest with yourself about the use and use the proper spec cams for you.
    Good Luck

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    The intake Closes at 36* and that is NOT Low end torque... Now IF you bump the compression to bring the power band up a little they might be ok(cams are give and take).. Early intake close = More low end torque (hold in higher compression) Later closing You Must increase compression to have Low end Torque...(you loose compression by Later intake closing)

    ..... The SE255 intake valve closes very early at 25*....Early = Great Low end torque (raises compression with early close) now at 30* is where a stock cam closes on the intake so you are going to close the intake at 36*on your 0034 cams.....The Power band is too far out (higher) for my liking for a Heavy bike....

    Now if that cam was in my lighter FXDS @ 10.25/1 compression,,, It would be okay but not the bagger.The RPM on the FXDS i would be riding it 2600/5600... so the power band would be up not down Low.

    Where you would want the power to come on in a Bagger at 1800 and probably top out around 4600 rpm..Not saying you can't rev the motor to 5600,,, with early close intakes on cams...you can.. but just not as good Power range...

    Take a look at this twin cam comparator by Big Boyz,,, Look at the lift and CLOSing of the intake valve and it will tell a lot for a cam to use for Low End Torque..

    Big Boyz Head Porting - Twin Cam Camshaft Comparator

    Now You can see the cams..