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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by FatBobRob2009, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. FatBobRob2009

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    Have a 2009 Fatbob purchased October 2009. At the time of purchase, I extended the 2 yr factory warranty by three years, so I am covered to Oct 2014. I have 73K miles on the bike and want to extend three more years so we're covered to 2017 after which the bike will surely have fallen apart and we get a new one. Was informed by the dealer that (1) bike must have less than 75K miles [knew that], (2) bike must be newer than 10 years [knew that], but (3) can only purchase warranty extension within 90 days of expiration of current coverage [which was news]. Couple questions for this forum: (1) is the inside-90-day restriction commonly understood? and (2) does anyone have experience with after-market/third party warranty coverage?

  2. glazier

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    So, are you saying you can't extend your warranty unless you do it in a window of 90 days prior to the expiration of your current warranty??? And if that's true, and you already have 73K miles on it, then you will more than likely have way more than 75K on it when your 90 day window occurs, during which time they will say now you can't renew it because it's more than 75K miles. Hmmmmm..... what's wrong with this picture???

    As far as 3rd party warranties, I have no personal experience with them, but everything I've read about them for cars, is to stay away from it. They all want your money and then find excuses why this part is not covered, or you didn't do this maintenance so the entire warranty is void. Kinda like insurance companies. They want your money but if you need them to cover something, forget about it :(
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    It is true you can only purchase a new extended warranty when the old one is expiring(I tried with my new bike)as far as 75,000 miles as the limit,I never heard of that, I thought it was only a model year limit.:read
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    My bike also goes out of warranty in Oct this year so, when I asked the dealer about extending it they said they could do it if the present warranty is in effect, and only 30 days prior to expiration. They would then inspect the bike and give me a price for the extension. Will make a decision then.
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    I have bought the extended warranty on my last 2 bikes and have been pleased with both. I bought them from the HD dealer the warranty company is Assurant. Its a $50.oo deductible. I used it twice and no questions, and was happy. I think the HD dealers like it because the get the business. I for one am very pleased with the extended warranty and sleep better at night knowing if I have a problem its covered. One more thing is that HD works with the company so you get your bike back before HD gets there money.
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    One thing about the extended warranty..... I bought a 5 year plan on my new bike, but it doesn't kick in until the factory warranty expires. So even though I paid for 5 years, I'm really only getting 3 years. I would figure a 5 year "extended" warranty would be 5 years AFTER the manufacturers warranty expires but this is not the case. So much for me and my figuring :(
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    Thanks for the responses. Glazier ... the simple math indeed tells me that when I get within 90 days of the current warranty expiration I will have something like 100K on the bike and will therefore be unable to purchase another extension. That's a shame -- for me, anyways. I did the same thing as you at purchase: got the "five year" warranty which, as you pointed out, runs concurrently with the factory warranty so you're only getting three extra years. I am trying to remember if the salesman misled me on that because I know I walked out of the dealership assuming I was covered for seven years. I know what to do on the next bike. Assuming I keep riding 20K/yr, you buy two years of extended warranty added to the two year factory warranty. As you approach the 90 day window and the odometer approaches 75K, you then purchase five more years. Nine years of coverage at 20K/yr virtually guarantees a new engine for a $50 deductible!! Or, for that matter, a new version of virtually every destructible part.
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    I'm not trying to rain on your parade but how confident are you in that statement? I've heard so many stories about HD fighting you on every little detail on these extended warranty claims that I seriously doubt they'd happily give you a new engine. They'd probably offer to replace one part at a time to keep the engine operating to their standards, not yours.

    On the other hand, if you've got this figured out properly and have found a loophole in the system, we'd all love to hear about it!
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Very good words DR, it seems the dealers put the burden of proof on the owner, and it is up to you to use reasonable care in maintaining your bike and record keeping
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    If you paid for 5 yrs. you should get 5 yrs. I bought mine in 2010 with 5yr ext. warr. My expiration date says 2017.