HD stock tire vs American Elite ?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by cowpoke, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. cowpoke

    cowpoke Member

    Time to change the rear tire and I'm looking into the Elite.
    Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the Elite vs the Stock tire ?

    I've got an 09 EG classic, which has the HD 407 tire, 180/65 B16
    I called the Dunlop people and they said that the Elite was essentially the same tire. The Elite 31AE57

    If you've run both,
    My questions are, how did they compare as far as wear,
    handling etc.

    p.s. I have 20K on the rear tire and just getting to the wear bars.
  2. dbmg

    dbmg Experienced Member

    I agree that why mess with success. 20k is alot of tire wear for the money. I would just keep on keeping on. For changing type of tires may cause unfavorable results then where are you going to be. You are already doing alot of right things to achieve 20k...:s
  3. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    I went with the American Elite front and rear when I changed mine. The front HD Dunlop tire cupped on mine (both the original and the HD Dunlop replacement).

    So far so good. Haven't noticed any cupping on the front tire with the American Elite.
  4. 173ABN

    173ABN Active Member

    If your getting 20k I would stick with them I am now running the Elite and hopping for better miles per tire. I was running a 200/17 and its hard to find wide tires for a cruiser they all for the street bikes a lot lighter. now I'm back to a 180/16. The 200/17 was gone in just over 5k. I got tired of changing the rear at every oil change. my research found the American Elite the best for a heavy bike. They make a 200/17 I will go back to it if the mileage picks up.
  5. tourbox

    tourbox Senior Member

    A couple of months back the local HD shop had American Elites,Rears, on sale because of overstock. They were $250 Installed. I needed a new rear before a trip to Mich. They didn't have a matching Elite for the front, but did have the stock D408(?) for the front. I had them call Dunlop for any problems running the 2 different models,ex. rain,handling, etc.
    They said no problems. I had them installed and haven't noticed any change from the stock setup.They were on it with my Tail of the Dragon trip. Oh it's an 2012 FLHTCU.
  6. dolt

    dolt Senior Member

    You will not get the wear from the E3 that you are getting from the OEM tires but, IMHO,the E3 handles much better. Particularly if you push the bike hard, like running through long sweepers marked 45mph at 80mph; that is when one will notice the superior handling of the E3. If you don't push the bike that hard and are more concerned about mileage than high speed handling, stick with the Dunlops. I have never gotten 20k miles from any tire and I have run the OEM Dunlops, Pirelli Night Dragons, Metzlers and the E3s; the Pirellis and E3s are much more suited to my riding style; they just don't last very long. I am lucky to see 6000 from a rear tire or 12K from a front and they usually should be changed before then, just to stay safe.
  7. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    He's talking American Elite not Elite 3. The American Elite is the same high mileage tread compound as the OE HD Dunlop.
  8. mrwizz

    mrwizz Member Contributor

    I have switch to the American Elite on my 09 EG. I was real happy with the way the oe Dunlops handled just had the problem of them cupping both front and rear. I've been through three on the rear and two on the front and all have cupped on the out side edges. So far I have about 3,200mi on the Elite's and they seem to handle as well if not better then oe.... haven't noticed any side ware yet but time will tell.
    I orderd my tires from J&P Cycle. 149.99 frt 207.99 rear free shipping.
  9. gator508

    gator508 Well-Known Member

    Replaced my rear tire which was a Dunlop 408 with American Elite before I made the SS trip in Feb. About 5K on it now. Hope to get the 20 you got, we shall see.
  10. cowpoke

    cowpoke Member

    Right, I was talking about the American Elite (31AE57) which is supposed to be the same as the stock tire. Sounds like they perform as well as the stock tire.