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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SPH100, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. SPH100

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    will 06 screaming eagle slip on mufflers on Ultra work on the new 09 ultas. I see the part # have changed, but the look like they will work. Just wondering and trying to save alittle $.
  2. STEVE07

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    The 06 SE slipons were designed for the 88ci. They will be restrictive on the 96ci.
  3. Royshere

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    Yes they will work. I put a pair from an 05 on my 09 electra and a friend put a pair from a 04 on a 09 street glide. The Harley shop that we both bought our bikes from said they would be fine.
  4. kruppt

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    i put thunderheaders on my 09 road king and they fit/sound great
  5. glyd-n

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    I put a set from an 06 on my my 09 sg and it seems to work fine. Ibought them off ebay and the description stated that it had thunder header baffles. Well with curiosity i pulled the baffles out and they appear to have been modified but the pipes look and sound great and the bike runs great.
  6. Mavagrand

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    Steve, that is interesting..hadn't thought about it. do you have any data??
  7. walleye

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    any thoughts on this? Will they work on the 96"?
  8. STEVE07

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    Here are some engine specs.
    Engine Twin Cam 88®

    Displacement 88.0 in.³

    Bore x Stroke 3.75 in. x 4.00 in.

    Torque 85.0 ft. lbs. @ 3000 rpm

    Compression Ratio 8.9:1

    Engine Air-cooled, Twin Cam 96™

    Displacement 96 ci (1,584 cc)

    Bore x Stroke 3.75 x 4.38 in. (95.18 x 111.13 mm)

    Torque 92.6 ft. lbs. (125.5 Nm) @ 3,500 rpm

    Compression Ratio 9.2:1

    The higher displacement of the 96ci. comes from a longer stroke and higher compression ratio.The higher compression requires more exhaust flow as well as proper scavenging for the rear cylinder.The SE slipons were designed for the individual motors even though the pipe size and mounts are the same.Putting SE slip-ons from an 88ci. will give you more decibels then the stock pipes but if you are looking for performance gains and want to do a full stage1 with fuel management you are decieving yourself thinking that the SE. pipes from an 88ci. are giving you anything more than more noise.HD used to have proper flo charts on their site,but I see they now only have projected torque and hp. for the different pipes.Think of it this way,would you put a performance muffler for a toyota on a big block chevy?
  9. glider

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    I have to add one thing to this equation....

    It depends on the type of muffler that comes from an 88 as to whether it can be used on a 96.
    Keep in mind that some of the older 88 mufflers were the same muffler type with maximum flow through both mufflers and both the same part numbers in some cases, usually the ones without the dimple for the axle. The 96 on a touring bike utilizes mainly the right muffler for exhaust flow and the left is basically a sounding can with minimal flow through the muffler. If you look into the left muffler on the touring bikes of a few years ago when the 96 first came out in 07 you see a short tube in the left muffler about 6-8" and it has small perforated holes in it so minimal exhaust comes through it.

    So the answer here is "guarded" by saying it depends on the set of mufflers you are trying to put on a 96 that came from an 88 originally as to whether it could/should be done.
  10. walleye

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    Sounds to me like if I am going to buy some different slip on pipes, they need to be specific to my yr and model. Thank guys. Now to determine what pipes (Slip ons) are the best for mt 09 Ultra.