HD Leather Jackets - Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DaveInPA, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. DaveInPA

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    I have my eye on a couple of Harley's leather jackets. One perforated, one normal. They are both over $300. So my question is, are the Harley leather jackets worth the money?

    Also, I just bought a new Sporty from my dealer last weekend. How much of a discount do you think they might give me on a jacket purchase? ;)
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    The discount depends on where you buy it. As far as if they are worth it or not, the older ones were great jackets but I can't speak from experience on the new ones now.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Just because something says "Harley" on it doesn't make it a great product (unless we're talking about actual motorcycles!) Of course, many things that say "Harley" on them ARE pretty darn good. My gut feeling is that the market has driven the cost of Harley branded items above what they're actually worth.

    If you can afford it, hey, get some Harley gear and feel proud about your ride. Otherwise, shop around, get some good stuff for less money and spend what you saved on your bike!

    Motorcycle shows are great places to get discounts on stuff you're looking for. I got a great, ventilated, armored, leather jacket at a show in Atlanta for $115. Can't even remember who makes it but I'll post a picture when I get home from vacation this weekend (that should make Glider happy!)
  4. gunnut

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    Almost everything in the known universe is worth whatever an individual is prepared to pay for it,its a relative question.But like the others have said,shop around,theres lots of equally good or better stuff to be had at half the price.You can always put a HD patch on it!:bigsmiley14:
  5. Sharky1948

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    My wife and I have a couple of HD leather jackets each. We've been very happy. I ordered a few less expensive ones, tried them on, and returned them. I'm sure they were fine functionally, but the fit and finish wasn't the same. I'm not saying that all HD apparel and stuff is wonderful...but, the jackets we've purchased are pretty nice. (And, leather jackets only get better with age.)

    BTW, what size do you wear??? I've got an XL Reflective Skull Leather Jacket that I really love, but it's just too big for me. The leather is butter soft, and it has nice ventilation zippers. More of a cool/cooler jacket than a summer jacket. It's been worn fewer than 10 times.

    PM me if you're interested!
  6. TCSTD

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    I don't really know if the Harley jackets are woth the money or not. I've checked into some of them but I didn't care much for the price. I guess that I'm not that dedicated to Harley clothes yet. I did buy another leather jacket at a fraction of the cost and it works just as well. I then used the money that I saved on something else.
  7. Bud White

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    I have been looking for a new Jacket to the one harley jacket comes with a armor in the elbows shoulders and back anyone try them out ...
  8. miker

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    I would have to say that the Harley leather jackets sold in Canada are overpriced, and not worth it. Prices run about 450.00
    I bought my original Harley leather jacket on Ebay - looks like new - ran me 150.00.
    Same for my Harley nylon jacket - retails about 130.00, cost me 40.00 on ebay.
  9. navyman

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    I have had a Harley Competition II jacket for about two years. I got it through HD of Chicago for 20% off plus free shipping at the time. It fits well, has a zip out liner and body armor. I feel it was well worth the money and will last for years.
  10. Joyflyin

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    My husband has bought things through Lakeshore HD, (I think it's the same one you are referring to, not positive) but they have 20% off online purchases. We haven't had any problems with them. Worth it especially for the more expensive items.