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  1. ok guys first i wanna say whats up to ya all, been away for a while . now to the help i am needing ... 03 sporty was out tooling around town the other day and bike started to pop and chug thought i was low on fuel , flipped it on reserve and bike never came out of it . ended up along the road not running . next day go to have a look see and it ran fine, fired right up as always took it out and @ about 3000 rpm it started again .I just did a tune up on it today , new plugs, wires ,air filter cleaned and oiled , took tank off and drained it . cleaned filter in tank and fresh gas. It fired right up but at 3000 rpm it will pop and shoot a flame out both pipes a good foot . dont know if its a timing or carb issue ? any help would be a blessing . thinks all
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    Being it happens at 3K, I would be looking into the slide diaphragm in the carb for any damage or that fuel delivery area for the problem. Also check the jets to see if they loosened up any.
  3. Thanks G !!! think ill try and do it my self , the carb cant be that diff from a briggs 20 hp v-twin can it lol im good at them rebuild about 10 a week . well wish me luck all . ill update or beg for help in a few days :newsmile011:
  4. ok got it off and apart everything looks good to me lil carbond up but ok two jets are tight one is a 185 and other is a 50 . dont now stock jet size lol ill clean it up and slap it back on and see if that cured it . thanks again G
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    Is your idle air adjuster screw un capped?:s
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    The 185 is a fairly good number for the main jet but the slow jet is way too big 45 or 46 would be closer to correct or you will get too much fuel at light or closed throttle

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  8. thanks for the tip . i was thinking it may be to big but was not sure . the bike has SE II pipes and a big sucker stage II air filter as well so i dont know if this is the reason for the larger jet first time i have had carb off lol first time ever working on one as well lol

    when i got carb off i saw the hole for it was full of black silacone looks like someone drilled the cap out and went to deep and took half the head off the screw as well .
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