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    I bought my new ultra classic in feb. from a dealer in north texas, he installed the chrome switch housings and chrome switches at the time of purchase. a few days ago my check engine light came on so I took it to a different dealer to have it checked out. he said that the dealer that installed the parts just stuffed the wires out of the way instead of doing it right and that he would have to charge me to fix it and suggested that I take it to the dealer I purchased the bike from. I have an appt. to do just that this thurs. my question is should i expect some sort of freebie or discount or something for my troubles of going to have to take off work and ride the bike the 100 plus miles to have repaired what should have been done right in the first place. before you say you should have purchased the bike locally, locally means either 80 miles away or 110 miles away. just asking what you guys would do (ask for) in my situation
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    If you can prove that it wasn't done right, they should fix it at no charge. Otherwise, they wouldn't see me (or my money) again.
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    Did you get a report of the finding of the other Dealership you took the bike to?

    Call ahead to see if the General Manager or better, the Owner will be there on Thursday. Make sure you identify yourself and indicate that you will be in on Thursday for some warranty work on some shoddy up-grades that you got from them at time of purchase.

    When you get there on Thursday, ask to speak to the Service Manager FIRST thing. If you have the report from the other Dealership, review that with him or her and indicate that you have taken off from work to bring the bike over for them to fix the work that they did not complete correctly, and expect that to be covered by them. If he says he is going to have to charge you, do not argue. Immediately take the issue up to the GM or Owner. Ask that person if this meets their expectation for quality work.

    If they are not going to comp you, I would suggest NOT sending another dime with them and riding over to the other Dealership. You have already taken the day off. Even if you have to pay for it at the other Dealership, at least you are not rewarding the bunch that did not correct the problem they created.

    Good luck.

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    the dealer that diagnosed the problem called the offending dealer to let him know what codes it threw up and gave me the printout describing the screw-up. the offending dealer said it would be fixed at no charge, I'm just looking for some sort of freebie (t-shirts, chrome trinket) since I have to take a day off and and most likely several hours travel time and time at dealer for them to fix their sccrew up. I'm not asking for a new set of pipes or anything just something for my trouble.
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    I know the story. I work as a service advisor in a similar business. A Freightliner dealer. I am sure the policies are about the same.
    I have these issues with other dealers and of course other dealers with my place too.
    We usually let the service manager do the talking when a workmanship issue comes up. He is smooth. The last thing he wants is an unsatisfied customer. He doesn't want any bad mouthing about our place either. Workmanship at our place has a 90 day warranty and parts one year. I think that the dealer that did the work will get the job done right this time around. As for freebies, I don't know. I have seen my service manager hand out PM service cards for a free service to get the customer back into the shop after an issue comes up and has been resolved. People tend to stay away from a dealership that they have an issue with, even though they might not ever have another. A truck PM service is $250 retail.
    When you take your bike in for the repair, speak with the service manager and see if he offers you an incentive to keep your business.
    No excuses, but things like installing the switch covers could have been performed by about anyone, including the kid that comes in part time on a ROP program from school to even the salesman that sold you the bike. You will have a hard time figuring out who, but they should put a different person on the re-do. They always like to say the guy that did it they had to let go, even though that is not really the case. They leave journey level techs for journey level work and do the other stuff with people of lesser skills.
    That has been my experience in the fix it business. For what that is worth.
    Basically, it is hard to find decent help, especially ones that will give you eight hours for eight hours pay these days and I am not kidding at all.
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    i had a similer problem. just bought an 09 rg. the guy who helped me order all of my accesories, was showing me the basics of the bike before i left. when we got to the radio he was messing with the volume button, and it wouldnt turn up only down, i had the switch housings painted to match the bike, i guess they ddent get it right, so they fixed it right their. i left and was out on my maden voyage, and i stoped working. I called them the next day talked to the parts suppervisor, he said bring it in when you van and we'll get it it fixed asap, no charge, no hassel, thats what you should expect. depending on your relationship with the deeler, and it never hurst to ask what they will do to make it up to you, shoot i would love a free t-shirt or what ever they want to give away. god knows weve given them enough of our hard earned money. good luck and i hope every thing works out for you!
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    believe it or not they knew exactly who put the part on and said he won't be doing the work and they would give him a stern talking to.
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    Oh my, not a stern talking to!!! ah, just kidding... :) I'm going through some of my own service issues right now as well and my problem boils down to the fact Ibought a used bike from the dealer and it was a wow experience.. my bad. I fell in love with an 05 Road Glide that had a Rinehart true duels and a screaming eagle big air kit... someone said it had the power commander on it and I signed. a few days later I noticed it was poping pretty good through the exhaust on decel and I pulled the side cover and low and behold, no poower commander. Now the dealer is looking at me with the blank stair in his eyes saying he does not remember telling me that and actually none of the paperwork said it did... but I sure as (EDIT) heard the salesman say it did more than once... Now I am buying it on my dime cause I feel it needs one.
    OK now I'll go hide:(

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    Simply what Hobbit said without confusing he issue. My dealer haz always bellied up the the bar and took responsibility for any work not done properly. Could be that I've got almost 40k invested into my Ultra bike, but I'd like to think that they are just doing what is right.
    Ugly John
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    took bike to the dealer today, asked to speak with svc. mgr. first, he was very apologetic and offered a free 2500 miles service for my trouble. well they got into the bike and sure enough the radio volume was fluctuating wildly, wiring was fine so they called harman kardon and was told by them it was on ongoing problem with a contact within the radio itself and the radio was removed and returned to the hk factory for repair/replacement.sinced the problem was not their fault the offer for the free svc went away but the gm felt sorry for me and asked if I would be intrested in the batwing mounted fairings, I said sure and he had his tech install them at no charge whatsoever, totally free both mirrors and install. even detailed the bike. I feel totally satisified and the dealer was hd of north texas in carrollton.