HD Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cubalz, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I own a 2000 Road King Classic with 8,000 miles on it and have decided to install the Screaming Eagle hydraulic cam chain tensioner upgrade on it
    (part # 25284-08)

    My question is this: I am not changing out the cams but I need to know what else I need to buy along with part #'s when getting this done. What I mean is that as I was reading the myriad of posts on this subject, I hear of replacing this bearing, that bearing, gasket blah and so on.

    I want to order all of this at once and make sure that I have it all ready to be put back together correctly. I do not want to lose riding time due to having to order parts that I forgot about.

    Before posting this question, I scoured the forum and read about this until I was cross eyed but still did not find the answers to the above questions.

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    HDDon- My work computer will not let me open that file up. It is restricted.

    Rubyred- I found those parts but what I am talking about is part #'s for the perifery parts like better bearings etc that I hear about on the forum.
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    You talkn bout the inner cam bearings? Torrington B-148 cam bearing. Look on ebay. $14 for 2.
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    There is a new kit ends with 11 and the oil pump is even better than the kit that ends in 08.
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    i recently did the cam case upgrade on my 02 rk after going through a bunch of threads here. tq and glider (among others) provided excellent advice.

    basically, I bought the -08 (not the new -11) kit from the dealer, used my old cams, put the new camplate, new hydraulic camchain tensioners, new inner and outer cam bearings, and new oil pump on. i bought the inner cam bearing removal and installation tool for ~$110 from ebay (heartland). i took the old camplate and cams to the stealership and had them put the old cams in the new camplate (they charged me $78 in labor to press the cams out plus the cost of the inner cam bearings kit). this saves u the cost of the guides and press necessary to do the work yourself.

    i thought about replacing the lifters but instead i just removed the exhaust lifters and looked at them carefully. i didnt completely take the intake lifters out completely but let them drop down into the cambox as far as they would go. after checking them out, i decided to not to replace them. my bike has 42k on it.

    there are several things that arent necessary to buy when you do this project. u can save some money by not getting the lifter retaining tool (a U shaped magnet). u can make a clip that works fine. and u don't need the oil pump alignment pins (but u do need to take ur time and get the pump lined up correctly before bolting it in place). and u don't need the cam/crank sprocket locking tool.

    good luck. it is a very do-able project and there's lots of good advice by the guys in here.
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    Well done Oldscoolz welcome to the forum
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    I just had Gears and New cams installed on my 2000 RK . it whines but I'm happy with it. and The outside pad was broke and fell apart when the Wrench lifted it back.. So I guess I got lucky it was high priced but I plan to keep the bike and want it to be right..