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    Looking to spend a few days on Maui at the end of February and wondering about renting a bike there. Maybe a Softail classic or an Ultra (wife and I riding two up). Anyone have any experience with rentals there? Good price, good bikes, good places to ride? Thanks
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    From what I remember for 2 years ago. We rented a bike for around $150 a day. That was for a Heritage or Road King. Prices may have gone up.
    The road to Hana is a good ride. Takes the better part of a day. Going around the other end of the island is good to. There are a number of blind hair pin curves and the roads are basicly one lane. You do at times have to pull over so other vehicles coiming from the other way can get by. There is some beautiful sight seeing either way. Me and the wife love riding over there.
    Enjoy you trip and be safe.
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    Gal at work and her husband rented a bike and rode all over. She said it was really cheap.
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    I rented from Eaglerider in Kaanapali in 2010 when I was there. Great Roadking and my friend rented a Heritage Softail.

    Here is my post that details a couple rides on Maui.

    The Road to Hana - Maui - Harley Davidson Community


    Correction. We stayed in Kaanapali, rented bikes in Lahaina.
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    If you are going to Maui try to take a day and go to Haleakala National Park. 10,000+ feet above sea level, it is a volcano (no flowing lava). You can hike down into the crater.
    This is the park everyone goes to see the sun rise, if you don't feel like getting up at 3 a.m. and standing elbo to elbo with thousands of people, spend the day hiking and go to the summit in the evening and watch the sun set, (same view only you are facing west).
    Like others have said, the road to Hana is well worth a day, there are gardens, black sand and lava beaches, rain forests.
    Also if you get a chance take a ride around the western part of the island, fantastic cliffs and dropoffs into the ocean.
    Have a great time, we were there in 2007.
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    Thanks folks you have been very helpful. I am looking forward to hitting most if not all of the places you all have suggested. Will post about it when I get back.
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    Ken.. New member of the forum and just saw your post. Coincidentally, my wife and I are planning a 2nd honeymoon to Maui at the end of February. (the first honeymoon was to Wisconsin so this is a big deal for us). I'm digging around a bit with the same thought you had about renting a bike. We are staying near Lahaina/Kaanapali. The road to Hana sounds like an epic trip, but I've been told that it requires patience and a vigilant eye as everyone is sightseeing and the road can be a bit treacherous. Eagle Rider seems to be the vendor of choice.
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    I saw this place a couple years ago when we were in Waikiki. Plenty of room on Oahu to explore. The road to the north shore is pretty cool.

    Sorry didn't see you were going to Maui.
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    Re: road to Hana
    The road to Hana is the was the highlight of our trip but you can only go as far as Hana. Less chance of sickness on a bike, (600 turns). First trip on a Heritage wife had sore neck, passenger sets higher up. Second trip Road King, wife loved it and led to my purchase of an Ultra Classic. Great riding.
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    Was a very lucky Brit last summer and had a holiday in Hawai'i - week 1 on Oahu and week 2 on Big Island. Saw a lot of HDs on BI and was really jealous - quiet roads and relatively big distances to cover. I'm so used to wearing lids that it took me by surprise seeing so many guys riding bareheaded - good luck to them and to each his own, I suppose it helps to stay cool, but I'd be wearing a lid.
    The road from Waikoloa across to the east side is a beauty and to take a bike up to Mauna Kea (not sure if that's allowed) would be superb.
    Anyway - this is all fairly useless to our Thread Starter as he's going to Maui but when I get back to Hawai'i next time - I'll be renting a bike :p