Having to settle for softail !

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Jick Scott, Feb 19, 2009.

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    My original choice was a Road King, but refuse to pay the kind of money it will take to lower the seat where I'll feel comfortable. It's the principle, spend all that money, and still have to shell out money to feel good riding it. All of the Softails are in the range that I feel comfortable and my feet are on the ground, at stops, where I like them to be. I guess I could avoid all the hassle by just buying the Kawasaki Nomad, but prefer the Harley. Also, at 64 y/o, I've pretty much decided against long trips on one. So most of my riding will be done around home or at most an over nighter; and if I do want to take a trip with my bike I"ll just load it up in the back of the pickup and have it when I get there. Which brings me to my question. I've narrowed my choices down to the Custom, Fatboy, or the Deluxe. My wife will be riding with me sometimes, but probably not often. Since she won't board our dogs, we don't take trips together (one of us stays home all the time if the other goes on a trip). She would never be with me on a long trip. Would appreciate hearing from Softail owners about how they feel about any of the three choices in regards to how it would fit in with my usage. Thank you for your time.
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    I can tell you this....I love riding my '07 Custom. The seat is extremely comfortable.

    I don't imagine a passenger would be as anxious for a long trip....but then again.....I've never had one on mine so can't say for sure.

    I'm like you....most of my trips will be short ones. Just a day or so probably. But I enjoy riding to work and taking quick trips around town whenever I can.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    Jick, I would assume all bike owners will praise their rides as the best choice. I am most happy with mine but for you, I'll just say this. I'm in the same age group as you and shared the basic ideas you've expressed in your post. I wanted a bike that will take me to where I want to go and be comfortable doing it. Well, looking cool as ice while doing it was also a concern after all, that's one reason I bought my FXSTC. It just looked good to me. The ride is very comfortable. I bought it last July 14 and put just over 9200 miles on her before setting her up for the winter on Nov 4. Like you, I haven't taken any seriously long trips, the longest was just under 400 miles out and back in the same day. My wife rides every now and then, but she's not into it as much as I seem to be. She likes the stock seat with the backrest. I did add some passenger footboards for her but I kept the pegs adding the mustache style highway pegs so I can move my legs around. All in all, I am very happy that I've settled for a softail. I've owned a Sportster and two Superglides and without question this is the best ride I've ever had. Good luck in finding your ride.

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  4. buddybr

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    If a RK is your original choice then that is what you should buy. Nothing against the soft tails mind you. It’s just that I’ve found when I want something but buy something different, I always regret it. Especially when the choice was made over a few hundred bucks less. JMHO But "Having to settle for softail" (your words) is unsettling to me. Peace!
  5. Gunslinger

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    Took the words right out of my mouth. Go with your first instinct, if you can. Softails are sweet, but if you really want a King, buy the king.
  6. walleye

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    Ditto. I had a softail and I loved it, but there is no comparrison to my 09 Ultra. I wish I had done it earlier as I knew it was what I really wanted. Go with your gut. Get the Road King. Believe it or not, you will be saving money. If you get something other than what you want, it will cost you. Don't ask me how I know. Not knocking softails. All I am saying regardless of what model it is, get what you want or you will never be happy.:(
  7. dhorne

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    you can buy the reach seat for 240 dollars, I had the same trouble with the electra and this is 1 1/2 inches lower and puts you forward as well , might be a good choice for you
  8. bikermonkey

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    I've had several softail variations, currently a fatboy. All the softail models are way versatile going from stripped down solo to full up bags, windshield, backrest and two up seat in under three minutes for me. I think you'll be most happy with any softail model. Otta here, I'm backing for Daytona, good luck.
  9. NickS

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    Here's my Deluxe Bagger. Best of both worlds...great seat height for me 5'10. but all the storage and comfort only a bagger can give.

  10. twoup

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    Morning Jick,

    Go with what you want. Then you won't have that negativity towards anything else you buy in the back of your head when you see a RK. You'll
    be happier.

    Our Deluxe is the best bike we've owned. Why? Because it 'fits' like a glove and we are very comfortable on it and with the few performance mods it runs very well.

    Ride safe