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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oldgeezer, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. oldgeezer

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    My five thousand mile service is about one thousand miles old and all was well until yesterday. Every time I stop to find neutral, it just cannot be found. It feels like it has pressure built up inside and just skips from first to second. My first thought was my primary may be under or over filled so I drained it and refilled (exactly 380z) that is what the book calls for. What else can it be?
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    What lube are you using, the Spectro would no doubt help you out here. Possibly a clutch adjustment or primary chain adjustment too may be needed.

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    Also regardless of the amount specified the level should never be over the edge of the clutch shell with the bike upright and level.
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    I only get about 32 oz. in my primary when it gets to the bottom of the clutch basket,I think you are over filling going by the dry fill capacity
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    Ive noticed the same issue with my 08.Nuetral is easy to find when cold and not so easy after a long ride.One thing I learned by accident was a quik twist of the throttle to just bring the rpms up and WHALLA, it goes into nuetral without a problem.
    As Steve suggested, perhaps Im over filling mine as well.
  5. I switched to Mobil1 full synthetic 75-140 and it made shifting to neutral a lot easier. It was a very noticeable difference. I cant speak for any other fluid but I can tell you the Mobil1 made a big difference.
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    08 Ultra with 6800 miles, I use Red Line Shock Proof Heavy in the tranny and Mobil V-Twin in the primary...no problems
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    Try giving it a little throttle about 1500 to 2000 Rpm when you pull up on the shifter from first to neutral. Bumping the RPM's up might help. You might be surprised. I showed this to my daughter, who was having a really hard time finding neutral on her SuperGlide and she couldn't believe how it just popped into neutral when doing this. And she has been riding Harleys for about ten years. Also the other suggestions are good place to start.
    Let me know if it works for you.
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    I found this post intreresting. On my 09 Ultra, the warmer it is the easier it is to find neutral. I am using SPECTRO and reaaly do not have much of a problem finding it as long as it is running, hot or cold. It can be difficult when it is not running. Seems all are different. :s
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    I have the same problem to find neutral. (FLHT 09,) I use this solution :
    Stay with the first or second. Turn off the motor, and now it's easy to find neutral:s
  10. cowboywildbill

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    I agree correct fluid type and proper level in the primary and proper clutch adjustment are the first things to check. I worked for a Harley Dealer for a while and a few of the bikes would be hard to find neutral no matter what we did ,new and used. Sometimes I wonder if the clutch disk's aren't always true and drag just enough to do this. I ran Barnett clutches in my High HP bike's and often they were so bad about dragging I just went back to OEM clutches and R&R them every few months instead.