Have you ever seen a Harley fly?

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    I was just just reflecting on old biker friends that I have lost.
    I wrote this back in Dec 2003. When Lee Box was killed by an 18 wheel rig that failed to yield the right of way.
    A few years later, My friend Chuck Dodson lost his struggle with cancer.
    If any of you need some words to speak over your friend(s) then I would be honored that you use this poem.

    To My good friends Lee and Chuck. RIP

    Have you ever seen a Harley fly?

    You may have seen a house fly
    You may have seen a horse fly
    You may even have seen a fish fly
    Have you ever seen a Harley Fly

    Late that night we said goodbye
    We looked up into heaven’s sky
    I could have sworn I saw a Harley fly

    I heard the rumble and saw the flames
    To God and us you did proclaim
    The pipes were ringing
    The angels singing

    No, my eyes did not deceive
    I saw the Earth your Harley leave
    Goodbye my friend you’re Heaven bound.
    To God you go we heard the sound

    As I began to cry
    I couldn’t help to ask why
    With a heavy sigh
    I said goodbye

    I saw a Harley fly.

    Van Dyer (AKA Mongo)
  2. SixPak

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    I'm not big on poetry but that is a great poem. I hope I never have to read it for anybody. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. horizonchaser

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    There were a few people who came to mind when I read this.One I knew personally, and the other was a member of this forum. I never knew him personally. I only read his post & replies but after a while, in a way, you feel like you knew him.
  4. Iceman24

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    Very nice...you are a poet & good friend to those who are now holding tickets on the upper deck.
  5. bcortani

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    Nice poem, and pretty sure there is no helmet law in heaven...:21: