Hauling Ultra on a trailer???

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  1. dbmg

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    Does anyone have experience with a bike securing device called "Frame Lock" ? Does bike still use the Jiffy stand for support? Is it hard for an old guy to position the bike over the device. Does it take two people ? I want REAL feed back and not product web site testimomials. Thanks.
    Frame Lock
  2. deucedog

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    First time I've seen it. Looks like a good idea. My only question is how difficult is it to line the bike up with the floor bracket without crab walking it back and forth?

    I'd probably still use front fork straps just to keep the bike from twisting in turns. But, I'm a little over protective some times. lol
  3. JPHarley

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    I don't think you would want to leave the jiffy stand down. Looks like a good idea but I'll stick with the tie down straps plus it's a bit pricey for me.
  4. mnultra

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    I love my frame lock!! It is a bit tough for one person but can be done in a pinch. Like so many other things we do, it is much easier with some help :) Try doing a search for the frame lock here on the forum. I posted some pics when I got it. I really like the fact that my bike is not moving in my little 5x10 enclosed. I know of two others that have them, one in a 5x10 like mine, and one has two of them in the back of his toy hauler.

    I really like the set up, the security and the no worries about straps.

    OK. I found the other thread for you :D

    SS Frame Lock - Harley Davidson Community
  5. trickydoc

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    seems like overkill to me. if you are just hauling on a trailer, why not just install a wheel chock and tie the bike down? I have hauled a bike over most of the U.S.A. and never had a problem. J & P cycles page 956 "Condor Simple Chock" It locks your front wheel in and holds the bike upright while you tie it down. Make sure to tie it down tight. I pull mine down until it bottoms on the supension. no bouncy movement. If you have a local indy shop, they may order it for you at the catalog price, no shipping. We do. hope this helps some.
  6. mnultra

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    Definately not overkill in MHO. For me, the peace of mind was worth every penny. On my way to Arizona, hitting bumps in the freeway that make the trailer tires bounce off the ground, knowing my baby was safe was priceless.

    PM me if you want more info.

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    I secure it to a chock up front with a tie down and I use 4 more tie downs up front. 2 on the triple tree and 2 on the crash bars and 2 on the rear. I use nylon loops on the bike and attach the tie downs to them - Bob
  8. gator508

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    That was a heck of a bump. This seems a little pricey to me. I use a wheel chock, just drive the bike in, and 4 ratchet tie-downs. hauled her up to the Smokies and never had a problem, just checked the tie downs to make sure they stayed firm but not too tight.