Has anyone taking their windshield apart?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ImaRider, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. ImaRider

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    I am going to order a new recurve windshield this week. Before I do I need to know I can take the old one apart to fit the new one in its place. I tried today to remove the straps but they are stuck to the windshield. Looks like it might be sticky sided tape? Any suggestions to get the straps off without damaging the windshield? If the new one doesn't work out I would reuse the old one and don't want to damage it.

    When I put it all back together can I do so without the tape being on?
  2. Bodeen

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    I just did this on my RK. My straps came right off as the sticky wasn't so sticky anymore. If you take your time you should be able to carefully pry the strap off the shield. Making sure you use something to rest the screwdriver or tool on so not to scratch the old shield. Once you get it started it should come right off. Cleaning the back of the straps takes a bit of time too.
    I put mine back without sticky anything on it. Putting it back together by yourself is kind of a juggling act. Be sure to put down some bubble wrap or the like to protect the new shield as you assemble.

    If you use loctite on the bolts be very careful not to get it on the new shield. It will mess up the plastic.
  3. lorne

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    i did the same last week but a couple of the straps were stuck. i very carefully use a short thick bladed knife and had no problems...like Bodeen says the stick stuff on the straps was time consuming, i rolled it off with my fingers then used the same knife to scrap off the rest of the residue.. you will need a new arm out of your forehead to put it back together (just awkward to do) :newsmile036:
  4. gator508

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    Use some DW40 sprayed in a cup and an eyedropper to apply it to to windshield straps sticky side where they meet the windshield. Allow it to penetrate several hours. The WD will break the glue bond and you will be able to remove the straps easier. Wipe the straps clean with a rag soaked in alcohol before reapplying to the new windshield. Don't get alcohol on the windshield.
  5. mc2

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    I replaced the detachable windshield on my FB and didn't have any serious problems.

    At first glance the mounting holes in the new one looked out of place, but they were ok.
    Agree with the other replies; you need a third hand, or protection from scratching the shield if it falls on the floor.
    The tape is there for a reason I'm not sure of, but suspect vibration.

    The world was much clearer after installation.:)
  6. ImaRider

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    Glad to see I am not treading where no man has gone before me. I'll try the WD-40 route when I get to this later today. Good thing I asked first, great advice here, Thanks.
  7. doctor727

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    I replaced mine on my Heritage Softail as well. All that has been said I agree with. :newsmile036:
  8. Trekker

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    I also switched out a windshield on a Heritage. It did take some patience to pry off the bands. When I installed the new windshield, I used some double sided tape that I cut to fit the bands and it worked fine.
  9. HDSickness

    HDSickness Banned

    Reapply tape or you might crack that new windshield.
  10. abish33

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    What about a little careful heating to soften things up?