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    ....of Harley's new "trade up" program? I'm wondering what kind of deal did you get? Did you really get full MSRP on your trade? Did they charge you full MSRP on the new one? Just wondering what my friend should be wary about when she goes to the dealership with her 2007 1200 Low. She want a 2009 Deluxe. Thanks for your input!
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    Lookie who's back again. :D

    glad you escaped !
  3. My brother in law just traded in a 2007 sporty 883 for a dyna. He got the original purchase price that he paid but they did not work with him on the new price. He is happy and it is a real deal. Ride safe. C
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    not to sure. i just traded in my smashed 1200custom for a cross bones 3 weeks before they came out with the deal. i got 3500 for the trade with it being smashed compared to $10,100.00 was the book value. missed out on it being totaled by $500.00. i gave my salesman (Edit)the first time i saw him after i bought the cross bones. what are you gonna do.

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    I traded my 2008 Sportster for the MSRP that was on my original bill of sale. I sold my accessories on Craig's list and returned a stock sportster.

    I received an 09 Red Sunglo SG for MSRP with NO Fees, plus $2000 in dealer cash and 20% off all Harley Accessories for which I added right back into the bike!

    For me the deal was a win because I bought my sportster with no fees to begin with. With 2000 dealer money + 20% off I was able to get $2400 in accessories for free!