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    My HD shop is telling me that I live in a harsh environment and have a different maint schedule than what is stated in the manuals. I do have the Service Manual for my 2010 bike and see nothing about such a thing. I kinda think this is their scheme to sell more oil and O-rings.
    Can anyone out there tell me where I can find information reference this accelerated maintenance schedule?
    I'm told there is a 2500 mile oil change, and at 5000 mile I do all fluids. This is not what the service manual says. Is this (EDIT) or legit?
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    Unless they changed the owners manual, there were 2 tables for service one for normal riding one for severe riding read high dirt intake or cold weather riding short trips you need to do your oil and filters sooner, cold weather will not burn off all the water vapor causing more wear and tear,, high dirt or dust intake will take a toll on the rings valves and cylinders:s
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    The Owners Manual does not provide a second schedule of service intervals. There is a statement "WARNING: If you operate your motorcycle under adverse conditions (severe cold, extreme heat, very dusty environment, very bad roads, through standing water, etc.), you should perform the regular maintenance intervals more frequently to ensure the safe operation of your motorcycle. Failure to maintain your motorcycle could result in death or serious injury. (00094a)"
    I guess I have answered my own question in that they say it SHOULD be stepped up. There is no official second table for severe conditions.
    Thanks for your input.

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    I read the same warning statement in my newest manual and remember something to the same effect in my 08 manual but cannot find the severe conditions service table either. I would however heed the warning if I thought I rode in what would be considered "severe conditions" but it is your ride so do what the feel is best for you.

    I will admit that I personally don't think the language you used was offensive to the "average person" but I think you will find that the moderators here do a wonderful job trying to keep EVERYONE from being offended and that is one of the many things that makes this forum the best there is. On that (and your work around), I doubt they are gonna lighten up.
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    If you can't adjust to posting on a site without expressing yourself with language, there are many others that will allow you to degrade their site with your type of posting. Language is offensive to us whether you feel it is or not.
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    consider changing the trans oil to red line shockproof gear oil. i think syn3 is too thin for the trans , and others have had bearing problems in the '11, we collectively agree there are better oils like spectro. etc than syn 3. i also like the 20x60 motorcycle oil by red line. only thing i ren syn 3 in is the primary.
    don't forget to wash out the air filter often in your area. $$ well spent in my opinion. and cut the OIL change miles in half. IMO except for the trans if you use the red line