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  1. Whiterook

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    I have been riding now for almost a year. I took the Rider's Edge course and thought it was pretty good. It was professionally presented with lots of good info for someone who had never been on a bike. Now the local dealer is offering the advanced course. Just wondering if anyone has ever taken the Harley Skilled Riders Course and have a review? Or maybe I should just spend that money on new mirrors and learn on the road. thanks!!
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    Whiterook; IMO, professional m/c training is a good thing - you're never too old to learn new riding tricks. Don't focus on HD's courses - your local LE/Sheriff also should have ERC training (beginner & advanced) which might be a tad cheaper. Took my 1st course in 1988 & still use some of the learned tactics to this day. I'm sure other HDTalking members will chime-in, but training's money well spent if it saves a life. Cheers!
  3. Gas Gauge

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    MSF also offers great beginners and advanced courses with insurance discount for completion, they reccommend at least two years between courses (I think to leverage the insurance discount, not for skills).

    Jerry "Motorman" Palladino also has an excellent DVD series on skills riding of big touring bikes called "Ride Like A Pro", great DVD's with lots of tips and it's just really cool to see him and his wife put their bikes through their paces. This would make a great Fathers Day gift.

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    I took the Advance Rider's Course ten years after I starting riding. It's has a lot of defensive ride instructions and in my opinion worth the time and effort to attend. My wife has been riding her own bike now for three years and logged 30,000 miles and I am going to have her take it soon. It good for a refresh and now after she has a lot of experience will give her some safe riding pointers.
  5. Gas Gauge

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    Also....the MSF (website) offers some great practice courses that you can set up at your local high school, they are really good skills exercises. Several of my friends and I do this 3-4 times a year and have a blast doing it. We are planning on incorporating this into a yearly thing with our HOG chapter.

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  6. SkootchNC

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    Chrome, is much cheaper, than a class... and your friends will spot the chrome, and be impressed.
    However, chrome, won't save you if you get in a bind. I've taken the MSF-BRC, and the ERC, and re-took the ERC, when I bought this bike. I've also taken the Ride Like a Pro-NC class.
    I'm firmly in the "take the class" group... but only YOU can decide what you value.
  7. Porter

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    I took the advaced class last year and I am trying to get into a "Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic" (yes....on my ultra classic). Obviously I am a big proponent of educating yourself and safety. I would take a class, even as a repeat.

    To me you have to pair the class info with practice on your own. Weaving, tight turns and the like, most people can and do get by fine their entire riding lives. It's things like a hard swerve, panic braking, maximum braking in a curve etc, that take practice so that you just do it from muscle memory. You will never know when you need it and you certainly won't have time to think about it. It is simply increasing your odds of survival.

    Also, the instructors can make the class average or fantastic. I lucked out in the advanced class last summer. We only had 5 riders and 2 instructors that had both taken the Total Control class. Our class was pretty experienced to begin with and paired with the small size, the instructors went above and beyond.

    I say take the class, but as always it is up to you.
  8. mustang27

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    I am taking the intermediate class this Saturday, 6 hours. Normal price is $125, our HOG chapter gets it for $100 and our Dealer gives us a $50 gift certificate. For a net $50 you can't beat it. I liked the basic class and am looking forward to the intermediate.
  9. HDDon

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    I have taken the MSF beginner and advanced courses, also have the ride like a pro video. All of these are money well spent. After 51 years of riding I'm still learning what you can do with a motorcycle. I like the idea of getting together with some buddies and setting up some courses on a Sat. or Sun., sounds like a great way to spend some time and learn what you can do better.
  10. Gas Gauge

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    This was suggested by the MSF instructor of the course I took. When we discussed this all said they wanted to participate. We got permission from the principal to set up the course by laying it out, then we took several cans of spray paint (different colors) and put a little dot on the surface (you can't really see it if you're not looking and it always fell right at the top or bottom of a parking space. We then took different colored tennis balls and cut them in half (again, suggested by the MS instructor), we then just match the tennis balls up with the paint dots.

    Wa-La your course is set up, the course really stands out with the tennis balls, and they don't care if you run over them. It was a challenge learning the course at first, but you get used to it quick. It becomes a blast after that and we challenge each other.

    We usually go early on a Saturday morning and ride it for 1-1/2 hours, then go get some breakfast and talk about it.