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    I bought a second hand HD 1200 custom 105th in June 2009.
    Unfortunatly, the owner changed the seat for a badlander and didn't keep the original seat.

    I bought a new more confortable seat and asked to my dealer to order a new original seat...in june last year.

    He received a seat, but for a 1200 custom after one week.
    He sent again a new purchase order to HD France, with the good part number.
    After 2 or 3 month the seat (105th) arrived, but it was too long for my motorcycle. The front in position, the hole for the screw at the rear was approximatly 1 inch too far...

    He checked again the PN and resent a PO to HD France, and asked for some explanations....nothing from HD France and for the moment he didn't receive any new seat.
    I called HD US, 4 weeks ago, sent an e.mail with the PO #, date, reference....no more answer.
    I sent again an e.mail 2 weeks ago to HD US, asked if my contact had an explanation from the engineering dept, sales dept....no answer.
    Did you have a trouble like that with HD?
    Do you know which department, contact, phone, e.mail.....can do something for me....now it's 8-9 months since my first order.

    Thank for you help....JPP little frenchie soo far from HD Headquarter
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    Why wouldn't you stick with the confortable seat ?
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    Things sometimes get screwed up at harley like Hobbit said, they might have sent the wrong seat in the right package, who knows, but this phone number should get you a real live person to talk to that can communicate directly with the tech department in Milwaukee to get you squared away.
    Good luck.

    HD Customer Service 1-414-343-4056
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    Inquiring minds want to know. Why by a stock seat if you have a comfortable one on the bike now. Just asking. :s
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    Only to have the original model....not really for use, just in case...if I sell my motorcycle in the futur

    I called this phone number...and sent an e.mail to the woman with all the details...
    Since no more feed back, may be I'll call again next week.
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    To insure getting the right seat, take the measurements from the seathorn hook to the mounting eylet out back, along with your contact information, just to be sure.
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    That a good idea, easy to do with the old seat...thank you

    NEWHD74FAN.....your idea was the good one.:s
    We can find a solution with my dealer and now I can ride with the original seat.:)
    I'll post evry information on Monday, it was really crazy, but my dealer & me never can had some information or answer fron GD France or HD US !!!:(:(
    I'll put a copy of my e.mail to HD US, with the pictures and the explanations.

    This is a copy of my e.mail to HD US

    since many weeks, we are waiting some informations, in vain.
    So I asked to my dealer, S One, to check the measurement of the old and new seat.

    In fact, I was very surprise, because the white and red lines are exactly the same on the old and new seat.

    For the white line 30 cm (or 12 inches) and for the red line 42,5 cm (or 16,3 inches)

    The reference (Part Number of the frame I suppose) on the two frames wa also the same RDW-92/61-0067
    See Normal seat and New seat pictures



    If you look at the front metal part, the position was not exactly the same

    Bottom view of the seats
    See Front normal seat & Front New seat pictures



    If you put the 2 seats on the same view, you can see the difference
    See Front normal & new seats picture


    My dealer made me a proposal, he knows a saddlery trade and asked me if it was possible to ask him to have a look on the seat.

    The saddler remove the cover from the frame on the new seat and also on the front of the old seat.

    I came back home with the 2 seats and try to put the new one on the motorcycle. (only the frame without the foam rubber)

    In fact the front of the frame was different and it was impossible to fix the new seat.

    I removed a part of the front frame, and made the same shape that I had with the old one.
    See new seat front installation & new seat front frame pictures



    After removal the front piece of the frame, the new seat can be fit on the motorcycle
    See new seat in place


    If you look under the seat the new frame and the foam rubber have exactly the same shape now (and we didn't cut the foam rubber)
    See new seat new frame picture


    The distances between the tank and the frame are exactly the same for the 2 seats
    See normal seat front installation picture


    The saddler put back the original cover (without any modification) and the seat is OK now.

    I think that the frame was not the good one, and it's a very big nonconformity in the control of quality at the end of the product line.
    Please can you inform your quality department of this discrepancy (may be your subcontractor).

    Let me know, what's are thinking the quality 's people of this matter.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    PS the saddler asked 45 euros for this job, and my dealer accepted to pay for this default instead of HD France.
    Congratulations to my dealer for his help.

    I think that it was clear…but we never received any answer from HD US :bigsmiley15:
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