Harley for tall guys???!!!

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  1. krkostecki

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    I have a complaint about Harley-Davidson, but don't get me wrong as I love their motorcycles:

    Why is it that the most amazing motorcycle manufacturer in the world (H-D of course) cannot make a bike that fits a guy that is 6'-4'' and a JAPANESE manufacturer can???!!! I have tried fitting on Harleys and I feel like a bear on a tricycle. On the other hand, my Suzuki M109 and C109 are much better suited for tall gents. This tears me apart as I absolutely LOVE Harleys but I'm not going to invest that kind of money to look like a 23 year-old 4th grader.

    Harley-Davidson, PLEASE come out with a few bikes for the taller crowd of folks - we are Americans wanting to pay good American dollars for your bikes and we are all getting taller and need more room.

    Thank you.

    Kurt - St. Peters, MO
  2. Joyflyin

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    Kurt, you can make adjustments to make the bike fit you better. My husband is 6'4" and he has an electra glide classic that he has adjusted to fit him quite comfortably. (Even though when I ride it, I can't use the highway pegs because I can't reach them) I couldn't get him to change that feature. :)

    If you read around on the forum, you can see what others have done with the Tall Boy seats, extensions for the shifters etc.

    If there is a will, there is a way. :s Good luck!
  3. krkostecki

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    Thanks for the post. I was a noob five years ago and am starting to realize that you are indeed correct that forward controls can be added to some bikes to make them more comfortable for big guys. However, 6'-4'', while tall, is not uncommon and I would think that at least a few models could be made stock for the tall guys. Heck, they have the little sportster, right? I am so itching to buy an American classic and just wish H-D would do what the Japanese bikes have already done. I'll keep my fingers crossed :D
  4. JROB4438

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    You have a valid point about the sportsters and fatboy lows. But I guess on some Harleys they figure why give it to you stock when they can make it an upgrade at an added cost?
  5. Iceman24

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    Definitely correct w/the "no big/tall" HD sizes, but a few $$$'s can get you dialed-in. Seat mod (MCC), FB extensions (Kuryakyn), pegs & bars can be changes/modified to accomodate taller riders (as yourself). Good luck!
  6. kzoo

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    At 5'6" on a good day, I wish I had that problem!!
  7. Joyflyin

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    Maybe it is easier on the MOCO to make a bike lower from the factory and then the buyer can modify it better for making the bike fit better....not sure what their thinking is on that.

    I'm 5'7" and my husband is 6'4". I think that makes him 9" taller than me, but, I have a 32" inseam & he has a 36" inseam. I really like my forward controls on my deuce and his bike actually fits me quite well except for the highway pegs. :) (He was worried when I told him that). Of course he has bigger hands so I don't care for the fatter grips on his bike, & I would adjust the back rest a bit......I learned all of that on an 11 mile ride. :D I rode my brother's bike with mid controls once and I didn't like that at all, I just felt all cramped up the whole time. I know what you mean though on the fit. I'm lucky when it comes to bikes and such for comfort and all for a woman.....but, I suffer when buying clothes because the long arms & legs apparently is a very uncommon feature on women..........I mean really, why should women be able to go anywhere and get a pair of jeans, oh, let's just say 34"X32" and expect them to fit............instead, it makes way more sense to assign a stupid number that is nowhere close to the same number in another brand, therefore, I have pants that range anywhere from size 8/10/or 12..........

    Sorry for the rant there. :s But I really do understand how cramped up you can feel on a bike. :s
  8. Porter

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    I am 6'4".
    I agree with you but I am not holding my breath for the "2012 HD Tall Boy" or the "2013 Dyna High Rider".

    I think it is all demographics. There is just not that many of us taller folks. There are many older riders and in addition to height issues, it is easier to through your leg over a lower seat than a higher seat. Then there is the profit for "customization and accessories". "Smaller" makes new riders feel safer and more comfortable. It think the sportster is smaller primarily (90%) as an entry level to get people into the brand on their first and 10% designed for size of the rider. This does shift a bit between men and women since in general, women tend to be physically smaller than men.

    For example:
    HD bases "solo" and "2 up" on the 180lb. I have observed many more "big boned" riders that I fully believe are at the GVW limits or over than I have "skin and bones" riders. I don't expect HD to come out with a "HW (heavy weight) Fat Boy"

    The whole deal with women's sizes instead of actual measurements has been a pet peeve of mine for forever. I can't stand it, I don't know why women keep putting up with it but I also realize it is a tremedous marketing gimmick that is worth $$$$$$$$$$$$. My wife wears suits every day. Same actual size suits (meausurements). The suit with the smaller size costs more. But saying your a size smaller, sells more.
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    Well, being 6' I know those additional 4" you have make a big difference, but for me, the forward controls are the best mod I did (many bikes come with them stock, my Dyna just did not), plus you can then add the highway pegs, add'l extensions and change the seats.

    IMO, they make it to fit most people, but those over 6' have to do some customizing to really make it comfortable, besides, you are going to do it anyway once you get it.
  10. R_W_B

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    Yes you have a point. The two best things to do are forward controls and some Hi rise Tbars. There are some seats that can move you back, if you don't mind moving up the fender as you go, which being tall I don't guess you would but it does take away from the passenger if you have a sissy bar etc.

    But yes, I guess tall guys do have a problem there. Worse yet imagine how the NBA guys feel with all these smaller (better mileage) cars coming off the assembly line :lolrolling