Harley Davidson Settles Lawsuit With EPA

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  1. Dean Harvey

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    Ok, I have a question perhaps someone may have some input on. I just read about HD settling with the EPA over aftermarket tuners, etc...for $12 Million, I think. My question is that I have a new 2016 Street Glide that I'm just now reaching the break-in, the dealership encouraged me to de-cat the muffler and put a Stage-1 tuner on it, I didnt mind doing this because of all the heat generated on my wifes leg and now it sounds awesome with the RCXhaust slipon mufflers. Does anyone know if the Stage-1 tuner was part of this lawsuit? Should I have any worries? Lol This whole thing to me seems to be blown way out of proportion, especially when I'm following a diesel truck that looks like its burning coal going down the highway!
  2. dbmg

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    "Given Harley-Davidson’s prominence in the industry, this is a very significant step toward our goal of stopping the sale of illegal aftermarket defeat devices that cause harmful pollution on our roads and in our communities" The EPA is putting the smack down on off road use only or competition only add on components for street use. This is the beginning of the end of modifying motorcycles as we have once known.....:(
  3. Blue Wide Glide

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    The Screaming Eagle Race Tuner (SERT) is no longer available. According to my local shop, they will still continue to make tuning adjustments on installed systems, but no new installations.
  4. coopernicus

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    I went to the dealer yesterday and service person told me HD will be no longer associated with the S. E. race tuner.
  5. Firenailer

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    I'm not a lawyer but I don't see how they can go back in time and void our warranties for mods either made by or recommended by the HD Dealership.

    Although they said it would have no bearing on warranty repairs I'll be removing my FP3 Tuner before bringing the bike in for service from here on out if I need warranty repairs.

    Other than those- I do most of the service myself so I'm not too concerned. Hopefully it all doesn't come back and bite us. (EDIT)
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  6. dolt

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    The MoCo was smart to settle for $12M; it could have cost much more in court where they would have lost anyway. The scary thing about this big brother move is that a precedent has been set and they can now go after the other companies that offer and/or install these "defeat devices".

    "Anyone else who manufactures, sells, or installs these types of illegal products should take heed of Harley-Davidson’s corrective actions and immediately stop violating the law." said Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden, head of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, in a statement. Sounds ominous, does it not.

    So, if you want a Powervision, TTS Mastertune, FP3 or other such tuning devices better grab them up before they are no longer available. I am also curious if this will reach out and touch the dyno tuning community.

    We all knew this was coming. Big brother can't kill ISIS but they can go after the environmentally insensitive motorcycle enthusiast that is destroying the planet.:confused::rolleyes::mad:

    BTW, the SERT has not been available for several years now; replace by TTS Mastertune when the MoCo and Steve Cole went separate ways. The MoCo kicked Steve to the curb and developed their own tuner SEPST.;)
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  7. Jeff Klarich

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    After the dust settles everything will go back to the way it was before the suit. Every once in awhile the Government gets a wild hair and has to make an example out of someone and this time it was Harley.
    The aftermarket add on's is too big of business to fold up their tents and go away so I wouldn't panic.
    All they have to do is market their products as not street legal or off road use only, (wink wink) and they are good to go.
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  8. dbmg

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    What will happen like in the auto world is additional power will be made at a very increased cost to consumer. You wanna bet this is why Harley has been experimenting with larger engine displacement and water cooling. I would not be surprised if in the near future if not already here and public is unaware, is motorcycle manufactures are going to have to adhere to the C.A.F.E. rules like auto manufactures. Wonder why Harley came out with a water cooled 500cc and 750cc motorcycles. To increase overall MPG rating.
    So I do not agree it will go backwards only forwards at a much higher rate of speed to get the U.S. up to speed with Europe's regulations on pollution and noise controls......
    So maybe the good thing will be motorcycles in the U.S. will finally be recognized as part of the motoring public unlike now as they are looked at as a hobby.......
  9. dolt

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    Jeff, the MoCo has been doing that forever and they got their pants pulled down. I agree with dbmg, it will only get worse. Pretty soon state inspectors will be sticking a sniffer up the exhaust and if AFR is not 14.7, inspection failed.:eek:
  10. gator508

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    I wonder what HD will say about my setup, very recent I might add, a HD high flow air intake, a K&N a/c, and a Vance and Hines fuelpak. I finally got the bike to where it should be IMO, and it's time to renew the extended warranty...hmmm?