Harley considering new sites for a new plant

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Irish Hog, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Irish Hog

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    I just read about Harley looking for a new site for a new plant. I am shocked. I do know one thing, if they close the York plant and go south, I will not be buying a Harley on my next purchases.

    Harley-Davidson considers Kansas City for plant
  2. R. Lewis

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    JMO -- -I TRULY believe that HD won't "go south" . They have US where they want and they are making money !!!! On the flip side of that coin -- don't they have some kind of plant in Italy ???
  3. gs34

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    HD is seeking concsssions from PA on taxes, and from the union (it's a contract year)
    If they see that, all talk of a move will vanish....till next time.
  4. threesteps

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    Can't say that moving a plant to another location within the U.S. would be a big factor in my decision to buy another Harley. Repeat, in the U.S. .

    Economic considerations are always going to be a primary driver in how and where a corporation builds their products.

    I'm more worried about the quality of the bikes they build then where in the U.S. they are built.
  5. softailhog

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    There was a story on the local news here in KC last night about the Harley execs in town for a meeting. It seems that the MoCo is thinking about building a second plant next to the one here on land they already own. This after they recently announced layoffs at the KC plant a month ago. The news people said that they are considering other locations, Indiana is the only other one I can remember. They also said York would close completely when this happens.
  6. martin14

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    This seems to be the best answer for the moment,
    just seeing where they can squeeze some extra concessions.

    And please don't worry about the Italian purchase.
    I live 20 miles from Varese, where Cagiva is.

    4 models, all 2 stroke small sport / motocross bikes.
    MV Augusta ( owned by Cagiva ) is only larger sportbikes.
    And the Italians are really lazy :) Nothing to worry about here...
  7. Redman

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    Our Governor here in Wisconsin has orchestrated a business climate that has many a business to move out...Mercury Marine is on that list. Briggs and Stratton has move quite a few operations out of the state and many other manufacturers. It is sad to see that possibilty hitting other states as well but if you make an unfavorable tax climate what are they to do. My grand father was Chairman of the board of Briggs for 40 years and would roll over in his grave if he saw this kind of Baloney.
  8. foxyrider

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    TN is another location that they are considering, if they move here then they don't have to deal with Unions. TN is a "Right to Work" State and that may influence the decision somewhat, as well as they'd get the same tax breaks...
  9. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    Yes the company will still be in the US, but it will be moving from an area that has supported them for many years. I am proud to know that Harley is in our neck of the woods. It creates many jobs here and most of us know someone connected to the plant or in the suppliers, I also have family in the area of the plant and visit the plant from time to time. PA has been working with Harley and giving them incentive to rebuild and remain in PA, but it seems that they are ignoring the plea and continuing to look elsewhere. I am in the market for a new bike, but I will be sure to watch this closely, it surely affects my decision on my next ride. I would hate to ride something other than a Harley, but I would buy a Victory in a second if Harley pulls out of PA.
  10. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    The Union will still be there.