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    I heard that Deka is the company that makes Harley batteries - was wondering if the battery made for Harley is any different than the one they sell on their own? I've had good luck with Harley batteries - but I can get a Deka for quite a bit less money - don't want to do it if the battery is not as good - also if there is another battery that anyone has used with as good or better results than the H-D battery please let me know -
    any feedback would be appriciated - FXRS

    This battery would be for a 2001 Road Glide
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    Stick with the HD. the cheap batteries will not hold up.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    The Deka battery is the same as the OEM H D battery minus the logo, made by East Penn Manufacturing same people who make the Die Hard
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    +1 what jack says. I buy mine at batteries plus and never had an issue plus twice the warranty
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    Most battery will hold up and serve the propose. Most battery failure is due to faulty charging or electrical systems. A good charging system can sustain a battery at lease 9+ years. Bad batteries will fail within 6-18 months.

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    Jack has you covered...! Just to add a bit...my 2004 Sportster has a special size that is very hard to find a replacement for. Physically there is very little difference between the Deka battery and the H-D battery, BUT there are some minor differences, some significant.

    1.) The Batteries Plus dealer honored the failure of my first Deka battery I purchased with new exchange after a year with no prorating. Excellent service, the battery was $99 a year ago (the H-D battery is $40 more). When I showed Batteries Plus dealer that the internal steel nut was loose and overheated the terminal (melted), he was very apologetic and acknowledged my original complaint 10 months earlier, when I used an extra fastener to the nut so the contact would not be intermittant. :newsmile040:

    2.) The lead terminals of the Deka have a slightly different shape...I had to use a pocket knife to plane the lower boss, so the contact surface would be flat so my OEM H-D cable would seat clean.:newsmile061:

    3.) Current battery works great...but the original H-D battery in my 2004 lasted for almost 8 years, so there is no denying the OEM battery is very good. I keep the old one around and charge it periodically as a backup, it was just a little sluggish when spinning up the Sportster, but it still worked, and I was going on several long 1000 mile trips...so I gave my baby a gift! :small3d036:
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    Have a look at Battery Mart...they sell Big Crank batteries for HD. They have very good reviews, free shipping and prices are reasonable. I have one in mine...perfect fit and so far so good.

    Motorcycle Batteries | Battery Store | Discount Batteries | Motorcycle Battery - BatteryMart.com

    Here is the one for your 2001 RG

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    I have Deka's in two of my bikes. Somewhere on the Deka website is the disclaimer that the batteries do not meet HD specification. On my XT30, the difference is 1/4" difference in case width, and it has a sticker claiming 300 CCA and the HD battery is 270 CCA. I also like that the terminals have both top and side threads. I paid $109 delivered to my door from Bohannan Batteries in Palatka, FL.
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    Here is some info:

    Let's see some data on batteries - Harley Davidson Community