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    I have a 2009 Super Glide Custom with no modifications as far as the front end of the bike. Went on an 1800 mile ride in four days and realized I needed to change up my bars due to my reach and being uncomfortable with not being able to lean back and enjoy the ride. I am leaning towards purchasing a 10" Dyna Wide Glide bar set. Question is will I need to purchase all the cables. Doing research I have noticed 12" and above mini ape hangars have the cable assemblies with them. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I should purchase the bars? I looked at Hill Country Customs because you can purchase bars with the cable assemblies. Second question: does anyone have knowledge about how difficult is it to change out the bars. I do have a maintenance manual and can turn some wrenches. Just did not know if I would be taking on a big challenge with changing out the bars and cables. Just had some concerns with adjustments and aligning all the cable assemblies. Dealer and local shop want a huge amount of money to change (800 to 1K) so of course I am leaning towards changing them out myself. Thought that price was over the top of course. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Don't know much about your set up or the bars you're looking at, but have you looked into some of the pull back risers. If the angle that your wrist meet the bars works for you maybe just getting them to come back further would give you the comfort you're looking for. Just a thought.
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    You could also experiment with rotating the bars forward or back and see if you get any improvement.

    Do you ride with a backrest? I do and when I rented a bike for the day without one, I REALLY missed it!

    Different seats will also modify your position relative to the bars.

    Lots of options!
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    I have adjusted the bars back but still was not comfortable. I have a mustang touring seat but without a back rest. Main problem is my arms are fully extended while riding when trying to lean back on my bag for comfort. I thought with the wide glide bars would provide a better fit due to the 6.5 inch pull back. And of course then I thought a new street glide would fix the problem:s
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    Changing out the bars is not that difficult depending on if you want to run your wires inside the bars or outside the bars. Running the wires internally takes a little more effort, having to cut wires, remove connector pins, fishing wire through bars and soldering. That's where most of the labor goes. If you run them externally then it's just a simple swap out pretty much with minor mods to the wires if you go radical on the apes.

    Good Luck!!! :rider
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    Only looking at going with 10" apes and at the most 12" if I can not find 10" handlebars. I will just mount wiring externally. Have you swapped out your bars?