Hand Grip replacement/brake light issue

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by linetrp, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Hello all, new here and not sure where to post this. Ive search the self help tips and seen several posts similar to mine but not exactly the same.

    I have an 05 sportster xl1200c. i replaced the hand grips today... pretty easy task. when i was done and as i was checking to make sure the brake was properly functioning i noticed that the brake light was staying on. i took the brake assy off to look at everything to make sure i installed it correctly. i looked at the brake switch contact and pressed to make sure it was working as if i were using the hand brake and it was, it wasn't acting like it was sticking either. so i reassembled again and it was still acting like the brake lever wasn't contacting the switch. visually checked to see if contact was made and it appears that it is being made. there is a small tear in the rubber cover over the switch but doesn't appear to be anything that would prevent it from operating properly. anyway to make a long story short. when i release the brake it acts like its not making the contact to allow the brake light to go out. ANy suggestions?
  2. linetrp

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    is there a nipple that could have broken off that is not allowing contact to be made? it works when i push it with my finger?
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    Hopefully you didn't break the brake light switch.

    Try loosening the throttle assembly a bit and reposition it so it will contact the brake light switch and work properly. You may want to hold the brake handle a bit depressed when you do this so it doesn't brake the switch when you try it.

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    ive tried to reposition several times, the brake light will go off if i press the switch with my finer but still can't get it to go off with the brake lever. i did depress the brake lever while installing it the second time but was not aware during intial installation. is it possible that it can still work by pressing it with a finger and not with the brake lever because i broke just enough off to where the brake lever wont make contact?
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    linetrp; did you put a piece of cardboard, or plastic in between the lever & brake switch when working on the grip/lever? I'm guessing you somehow damaged the switch inside so it's no longer making good contact. Probably need to get new switch...

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    If you used the shim as Ice reminded, and the little switch nib is not damaged...I would bet you lost the little copper wedge spacer that backs up the brake light switch and the housing opposite the nib. The pesky little wedge moves the switch assy snug against the housing so the nib will reach the brake lever actuator. Look in the bottom of the grip housing assembly or on the floor where you did the disassembly...sorry to tell you the bad news.:small3d031:
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    Agree with NEWHD74FAN on this one. that little booger flies out in a heartbeat, is hard to find when it does. If it's not in there, ther will not be enough pressure exerted by the lever to activate the light. Don't really like to admit this came from experience, but lesson learned!