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  1. Drew

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    For those of you who wear half helmets, do you do so primarily because you live in a helmet-law state, and that is the best way to abide by it (in other words, you would prefer to not wear a helmet, but not so much that you want to keep having to pay your local municipality in fines for being caught helmetless). Or, do you feel they would provide adequate protection should you get in an accident?

    Any other reasons you choose to wear a half helmet over 3/4, full, or not wearing a helmet at all?

    thanks for the input
  2. 01dynaglide

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    I live in Georgia and we have a helmet law. It is pretty hot during the summer so I wear my half. I also have a full that I wear in winter.

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    I use a half shell the whole year here in SoCal. It gets hot and I want to minimize the effects. Yes, my ears get cold in the winter but that doesn't seem as bad as sweating profusely.

    It is a DOT, which a lot of riders avoid because of the mushroom look or weight. I am sure it isn't as safe as a full face but I will accept that risk.

    I also wear goggles full time. That way my eyes don't bounce around with the wind. I use clear at night and dark shaded during the day.
  4. TXMikey

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    I live in Texas, where we have a helmet law but do not have to wear one if you're over 18 and have at least $10K in hospital insurance or have taken the MSF course. I've got a 1/2, 3/4, and full helmet. I wear the 1/2 because it is cooler in the summer, and I can hear the traffic around me a lot better. I wear the full in the winter, and the 3/4 when I want to cut down on hearing the tire noise or wind noise.
  5. Vibratinharley

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    I wear a 3/4 Black helmet with face shield in the winter season and a white half helmet in hot. I have a black half helmet too but I like the white because it is cooler when riding in hot sun ( MY Raytec Infrared proves it) I will wear the 3/4 with shield in warm weather when I know it is gonna rain as it provides better protection and I wear glasses and they are a (edited) to see out of in the rain.

    Also, I live in a state where I don't have to wear a helmet but chose to because I like the security of having protection should I get in an accident.
    I have been in a few accidents and both 1/2 helmet and 3/4 have protected my "Big Block" from getting damaged. :D
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  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Once you take a riding course and get to the discussion of helmets and the Hurt Report, you'll understand that there's no doubt the best protection is offered by a full face helmet. Anything below that is a calculated risk trading off comfort for protection. But then that argument holds little weight since we already made that calculated risk when we decided to hop on the bike instead of taking the car that day.
  7. The Bad Man's Angel

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    I wear 1 because my state makes me
    There is no such thing as safe
  8. Buzzy

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    A half helmet fits in the saddle bag real nice wih room for other stuff as well. I don't wear my helmet very often but when I do it's the extended half by Advanced Carbon. I also have a full face helmet and when it gets too cold out I'll put it on.
  9. cuznjed

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    Wont ride without a helmet, but I do wear a 1/2, and also I agree with Dr. Doolittle
  10. toad451

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    Our state law is that anyone under 18 has to have a helmet. I wear a half helmet because it's cooler in the summer. I do have a full face that I will wear in the winter and sometimes on longer trips.

    We had two motorcyclists killed here yesterday. One was wearing a helmet(not sure what kind), the other they didn't say although he was hit by a Semi who ran a red light. I don't think a helmet would have save him. I think for the most part a helmet will protect you in the event of an accident, but as a few have pointed out, it's a calculated risk just getting on the bike in the morning.