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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Randall K. Wilson, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Randall K. Wilson

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    I don't give a wit what the other guys rides. It's his money and none of my business how he spends it. However: Do you think if a guy is riding a Jap Cruiser which is a Harley imitation so to speak. This party is hoping folk will think he/she is really riding an H D?

    Case in point I used to work with a gent who had a kawasaki cruiser type. He had put drag pipes on it to maker it louder. One day after work in the parking Lot he is getting ready to ride it home and another party comes up to him and says, "Johnny, I didn't know you had a Harley?" Johnny was NOT on a Harley but did not tell this man that in fact his cycle was a kawl. Instead his silence led the man to believe it was a Harley (which I thought was rather shallow)...Hence I do think some folk are hoping other motorist think they are on a Harley when they really are not. But then I'm not a mind reader.
  2. Skunk ape

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    To each his own I 'spose
  3. Apyle

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    My buddy rode a v-star (until he wrecked it) and he called me a wanna be Harley guy. Then he proceeded to give me crap about having to work all summer and not getting to ride. My reply to him was simply "At least I own a Harley, even if I get to ride it 20 miles a day it is still a Harley". :D
  4. mqhybrid

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    A harley is a harley. And there are those who will only wish to own one and buy a knock off. Ane then there is real hd riders.
  5. SeaRider04

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    I sold my Vstar 1100 and bought a HD because of that :D, but then my Heritage is looks just like my Vstar, bags and seat with buttons run along the edges, same black color, windshield and foot boards but you know what, it IS a HD.:bigsmiley11:
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Like you said at first, everyone has their own budget so whatever they ride is OK with me.

    I think in most cases they may actually be trying to project the "cruiser" or "biker" image and not just the "harley" image. Just so happens that HD has perfected those images and is pretty much the worldwide icon.
  7. glider

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    IMO, the people that are trying to "classify" someone else are in that class themselves.
  8. SeaRider04

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    That's very deep, but I do agree with you on that Glider.
  9. Tigg

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    Dittos Glider.
    Do we really want to fall into this.... You can go over to other forums and read the "VS" threads where everyone comes off sounding like little kids on the school playground. Where they sit around telling each other how tough they are and how their brand is the best and I am talking about Harley guys as well as the Metric guys.This forum has always been above that "poser" ,"wannabe", and" mines better than yours stuff". If you search the forums you can find a thread where members here recommended to another member that his son buy a VTX. It seems to me that the general consensus here is that it doesn't matter what everyone else rides or thinks only that you ride. You are in a brotherhood no matter what brand you are on. Harleys are our brand because they are what we want from a bike . From performance to styling they fit our needs. If anyone else has a problem with that then that is just what it is ......their problem . Leave it for them to deal with.

    Don't want to ruffle anyones feathers it's just how I see it
  10. 2blueking

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    The way I look at it is,we are all the minority on the road.Cages win when bikes get hit hit whether it's HD or not.So we need to look out for each other.