H-D Stunts and Trick Riding (Indianapolis, Indiana)

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    In the early 1960's at the intersection of N. Dorman St. and E. Vermont St. in Indianapolis, late one Saturday afternoon a small crowd had gathered. Bear in mind this was not a large intersection and it was a neighborhood of small working class homes, which mostly Black families lived in.

    A young Black Gent wearing the traditional (Wild One-Marlon Brando) Harley cap of that era was on a Blue FLH. It would have been a panhead for sure, before the Electraglide came out, perhaps a Duo-Glide. This cycle was loaded out to the max with chrome galore, It also had one of those big white "Buddy" seats on it with white fringe. And bullet lights...awesome bullet lights.

    Now what was mesmerizing the folks on the side lines was the stunts he was doing on his cycle. He would zip back and forth standing on the seat. However what really caught my attention was this. Now picture this....This gent while the cycle was moving would get off of his seat and place his left foot on the RIGHT footboard. Hence he would be riding the cycle in a squating position hanging on the right side of the cycle like a sidecar. His head about the same heighth as his arms. Then he would extend his right leg straight out in the direction of the front tire. Now he would balance the cycle while moving and meander around the intersection, with grace, agility, poise and confidence. Folks it was a show!

    After doing this he would jump back onto the seat and then dismount putting the right foot on the left footboard and perform the same feat. Has anyone on the Forum ever seen this type of stunt/trick done on a big full size Hawg????

    For the life of me I can't fathom someone being able to do that, but I saw this with my own eyes. That display of Masterful motorcycle magic has never dimmed from my memory. I was about 9 years old when I saw this.

    A few days later I went back to that intersection and inquired of the folks if that gent lived in the area. I was advised that he lived on the other side of town. I returned several more times but never seen him again, and with much disappointment returned home.

    Another one of those Harley-Davidson experiences one never forgets.
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    I've seen similar stunts from motorcycle drill team members at some of the big bike rallies. But what you saw had to have been way more cool!
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    Some people have an uncanny sense of balance. I don't. I think that is a great story. Of course you dated yourself and I figure we are near the same age. Mid sixties.:s

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    Google bubba blackwell , he put on a show at our dealer for the fall open house , the things he does on a sc bagger is amazing not to mention the dyna and the buells .
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    that must have been quite a sight man
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