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    I bought a used GXM sat antenna for my Garmin Zum 550 on eBay. Square Trade is sending me extended warranty coverage options for this item. Only cost less than $20 for two years. Anybody use the GXM antenna and has anyone bought the Square Trade warranties. I see a lot of refurished units on eBay so I wonder if there is a problem with them and making it worth while to have the extended warranty, cause there isn't any warranty on used.
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    A friend has the gxm30 for over two years, no tblrs. Not much to go wrong with them but new ant. is only around $200 on their site. I have never see a refurshed gwm30 for sale, but I have see the gps units (refurb) for sale. Usually the screen would fail or someone got them wet. Garmin rebuilds, loads in latest maps and sales at a discount. Myself, I would not buy the warrenty. Hope that helps.
    Capt. Jim