Great Road Trip!

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  1. walleye

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    Just got back last night from a great ride. 4 of us met in Hays kansas (central point for us) and proceeded to spend the night in Estes Park in Colorado. Next morning we went through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful. We stopped at the HD dealer in Vernal Utah and spent the night. Next day we went through the Grand Teton National park. Stopped at lake Jenny and had an spectacular view of the Grand Teton. Went through Flaming Gorge (Very Nice) and spent this night in Jackson Wyoming. Next day on to Yellowstone Park to see old faithful and all the beautiful sites. We then proceeded to Cooke City Montana. We loved it there! Next morning we headed for Bear Tooth Pass. We went all the way to the Montana Border but the road construction was constant. We decided to go back down and take the Chief Joeseph Senic Highway to Cody Wyoming. I would say this scenic highway has to rank among the best I have done. I strongly recommend it to anyone. We spent this night at a friends in Casper Wyoming. (Cigars and crown) :D Next morning we headed out and stopped at the famous Viginian Hotel in Medicine Bow Wyoming. Very cool, still has bullet holes in the walls. Of course we had to have a beer here! (one) Ended up near Denver that night and home the next day. About 2400 miles in all and no problems with any of the rides. I love these road trips and wish I could do them more often. We had about 45 minutes of rain otherwise perfect wether.:D:D
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    Glad you had a good ride:D
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    Sounds like a great ride. Estes Park is one of my favorite places. Glad you had no problems and you returned home safely.

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    Walleye, glad you had a great time...sounds like my bucket list is going to have to include a circle tour of the "wild west.":D
  5. Trek

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    We stopped at the HD dealer in Vernal Utah and spent the night.

    It sure was nice of that Harley dealer to let you spend the night there.:bigsmiley24::D
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    Glad you enjoyed. I spent several days in July in Loveland, Co visiting my sister. Love it in Estes park, and the ride over the top in the park is great!
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    Jackson, Wy is one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S. I have a sister who lives there; she has been inviting me out there for years.

    Ahh, Yellow Stone, Jackson Lake, Sleeping Indian Mountain.....
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    I had the chance to go to Estes pk one summer. It is a beautiful place, the riding there is out of this world.
  9. Clint

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    That sounds like a trip for my wife and I next year!

    We saw a few of those places just a few weeks ago but I'd love to see them again.

    The Tetons are #1 on the list for next year.

    Thanks for the report!
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    Sounds like a great ride, Glad to hear ya made it back home save,and with lot's of memories. Road trips like that will stay in your head for a long time. I've been back from my road trip for almost a month and I find my self day dreaming at work about the trip often.