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    Was following my buddy last weekend. He passed a pickup truck and I stayed behind the truck. A short time later the truck puts his left signal on and a bit later turns into a driveway. My buddy is a 1/2 mile or so in front of me so I increase my speed to close in on him. Cop coming from opposite direction picks me up on radar at 116 kph in a 90 kph zone. He U turns and pulls me over and the creep writes me up for 105 kph. Tells me I won't get no demerit points. He asks us if we are travelling together. I know I had control of the throttle but I wasn't going full throttle and I wasn't reckless. I am ticked right off, figure I should have got a warning, because he should have realized I was just catching up to my buddy, who the cop clocked at 85 kph. Sent my check out yesterday. OK I feel better now
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    Doesn't justify what happened but your buddy should have helped you out by not getting so far ahead. Even in a "formation" of only two bikes, the leader is responsible for the safe conduct of the ride and keeping the formation together. He shouldn't have made the pass unless both of you could have safely got around the truck. I know that sometimes means miles (or kilometers) of droning along behind slower traffic but this is the nature of several bikes riding together.

    Sorry, is my military training coming out too strongly? :p
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    Like the Dr. said. Your bud could have slowed down to let you catch up.

    wipe that smile off your face!! :D
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    sir no sir :s

    no fun when you let someone else lead, have no idea where you are,
    and he starts playing in traffic.
    Either ride together, or dont.
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    All of you - drop and give me twenty!!!:D
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    Sorry about the ticket. Anymore, you have to be right on top of the speed limit. I use my cruise control in both my cage and my Ultra all of the time for just that reason, monitoring my speed. Here in NJ, with the economy in the tank, tickets are a great source of revenue. We even have some towns installing "red light cameras" at busy intersections to catch you when you go through on a yellow or catch the red halfway through. The program is privately administered, there are no points added to your driving record and appeals are almost never entertained. You just have to adjust to the times at hand....
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    Must have taken lessons in the UK. They call them safety camera partnerships here. But cost you points aswell as your life savings.
    Knock on wood, have never in my life had a ticket:small3d005:
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    Well Ken,after your misfortune you are not going to like this,but I have to share,coming home from work on the 401 I was kind of bored so I decided to wind it out.I got up to 100mph when an opp pursuit car filled my rearview.As I was pulling over a crotch rocket went by at well over 130 and the cops hit their sirens again and took off after him.:lero:D
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    U mean MARSA? :D


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    Yo Kemo... I often cross the border and ride in Ontario and as soon as we cross the border we respect the speed limit beacause we know that the O.P.P. are eveywhere and it is not funny at all to be pulled by one of them specially when you are from Quebec:cheers.