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  1. softail 88

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    i am going to las vegas in dec. when im there i am renting a bike for the weekend from harley. i was wondering about suggestion on places to go and see or places to eat .Also is there a helmat law in vegas and what will the weather be like.My first time there not sure about local site and more than willing to ride to see nice places.thanks
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    Do a quick search - I'm pretty sure there have been several threads over the last couple months by folks in your exact situation.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Check out the Hoover Dam tour awesome
  4. glider

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    I agree there, I went through the caverns but now they are building a bypass.

    Hoover Dam Bypass
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    YES there is a helmet law in NV & CA you can go without the lid in AZ & UT . You can go through Red Rock but that is only about a 20-30 minute ride if you start out on Charleston Ave it runs you into Red Rock you can stop @ Bonnie Springs it is a tourist trap but is a good place to get refreshments , then head to HWY 160 ( Blue Diamond HWY ) & head west & go to Spring Mountain Saloon its a good biker bar , you could keep going west to Death Valley but that is a all day ride so you should start early & take your LEATHERS because it is cold in the morning & evening & at higher elevations . You can go to Boulder City & if you stay on HWY 93 heading towards the Hoover Dam you will see the road going into the Lake Mead Rec Area , take that road north towards Overton NV it is a great road for riding & it will take you up to the Valley of Fire State Park . You can take HWY 95 south & go to Laughlin NV from there you could go across the river to Bullhead City AZ ( can take off the lid ) & head south & go to Oatman AZ it is a cool little old gold mine town & from there you can do some riding on Route 66 . That should keep you busy for a few days & dont forget your LEATHERS , also the Hoover Dam is a cool place but I would save that for later , when you rent the bikes you should ride as much as you can you can always go to the Dam in a car or on a tour bus IMO
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    thanks ironmike that is good idea to go to dam when i dont have the bike great detail on the ride will probally take your advise
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    I was there in Sept. Rented a bike from Las Vegas. They have a free shuttle from a few of the casinos to take to and from their store. Balley's, The Marage, MGM and I think the Stratosphere. You can do Rede Rock Canyon whuch is only two turns and about 30 minutes from the store. Mt. Charleston is a little further. There is the Valley of Fire which is close to Hoover Dam. If you go to Las Vegas HD's web site they have a link for recomended day trips on their home page.
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    I agree,well worth the time!
    And the new bridge is a site in its self.
    You could always ride to Laughlin for just a long haul.
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    You HAVE to go to the Valley of Fire. Some of the most awesome scenery you'll ever see. Absolutely beautiful.

    A good combination is the Red Rock ride (as mentioned in previous post only 20-30 minutes-- unless you stop some) then on to Pahrumph. They have a really good winery, AND the number one brothel in the state! (Gotta wonder how they took that poll..) Seriously, you can have lunch at the sports bar in Shari's Ranch. If you're lucky, they'll even give you a tour of the "working area" where you can view the "other" menu...
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    i doubt my girlfreind would like the brothel but thanks for the thought