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    My wife and I want to make a run from NH up through Maine to Nova Scotia and hit the Cabot Trail. Figuring on a six day round trip. Noticed that there are no brand name hotels (i.e. Marriott, Country Inn, etc. where I have points for rooms). Never having been there before, anyone have any suggestions on where to stay. Looking for something clean and safe, either motel or B&B and would like to stay under $100 a night with tax if possible.

    Also, with the exchange rate within a penny or so of each other, is it worth it to exchange US for Canadian? Any problems unique to riding in Canada that I should know about? How is the weather this time of year, the sites are pretty vague?

    Thanks for any advice anyone can give. Stay Safe.
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    Ken, There was an article just this last issue of Hog Magazine on Nove Scotia. I suggest you read it. From what I recall they hit the many Celtic music festivals so you might want to plan your trip to coincide with them. It sounded like a fun time with people coming from all over to participate in it. Also, he spoke of the manufacturing of Scotch Whisky ( the Canadians spell it that way. That's what he said)
    The weather can be hit or miss.
    Good luck. I would love to go there one day too!
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