Going to attempt 10K service myself - help

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kzoo, Jun 20, 2011.

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    I bought the 04 Heritage in the middle of the winter here in Michigan with 7200 miles on it. I have no idea what fluids are in the 3 holes. I am not terribly mechanically inclined, (pretty sure it's not the most senior tech at the dealer doing oil changes and tightening bolts) but I can follow directions (service manual ordered). I do have a couple questions.

    1) Climate. I can leave the house in the morning with temps in the 40's only to return home in the afternoon with temps approaching 90! With this wild variation, I am thinking I will need to use (O yeah, going synthetic) 20/50 and 75/140 lubes. Does that sound reasonable?
    2) What about the primary? Synthetic or HD F+?
    3) Lubing cables. What is the best lube and easiest method?

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    20/50 synthetic like Mobil1 V Twin would work fine.

    75/140 GEAR lube int he trans will be good.

    Primary , the Formula+ or any 10/30-10/40 oil that isn't marked "energy conserving" would do fine in there.

    On the cables, I like Dry slide unless they are braided cables, it could stain them.

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    You are right on:

    engine 20/50 full synthetic, READ about suggested oil on HDT and You choose.

    Primary/clutch Use Formal+ is excellent or a Wet Clutch Approved lube like Redline MTL (wet clutch approved) or spectro primary...
    Many good ones to choose from. Just make sure it says Wet Clutch Approved and you should be fine..

    Tranny uses a whole different lube in my book... Always use a Gear Oil for the tranny, I prefer "Redline Shockproof Heavy". Others go for Spectro Gl-5, mainly it should be a good full synthetic, weight and brand GEAR OIL, no lighter than 75w-140.

    I'd still Prefer and would refer you to use 75w250 Shockproof Heavy by Redline, it is the best in MHO. Also comes in a 75w-140 lighter weight ...

    I say this and many will agree.... Using Redline shockproof in the tranny,

    NEVER EVER Any Metal on the Magnetic drain plug.... Never Ever.

    Better shifting and quieter, less to NO wear on the gears.

    Hd Now says to go 20,000 miles on a tranny oil change.. About time they realized it doesn't need changing as often as they called out for, especially when using a GOOD full syn. gear lube.

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    As far as lubing cables, I've seen some vidoes on you tube that are good. Pretty straight forward. More than likely we have some info and tips on forum to help as well. Search it or watch videos if you're a visual type of guy. Take a picture or video to help put back together (not to scare you, just as a reference) Mainly have to watch out for contact switch on front brake handle (re-assemble correctly).
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    Motion Pro - Cable Luber :s I have used this on older bikes
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    Thanks all! I have the Mobil 1 V-Twin (4 quarts), Redline Heavy for the trans, Redline Primary for there...a filter from HD, and am going to stop by the dealer tonight to see if they have a gasket kit or if I have to get them all seperately. The o rings and primary cover gasket...

    Standard garage stuff, oil pan, torx bits, sockets, allen wrenches, torque wrench, rags. Service manual on its way.

    What am I forgetting?
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    Beer! :lolrolling
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    Just remember to take your time and enjoy yourself. If it starts to feel more like work, take a break and go do something else. Also good to keep in mind that it doesn't have to be done all at once - knock out a couple items and then go for a ride if the weather's nice!
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    Good advice! Especially for me as I tend to get frustrated. I have my buddy's bike lift, so i could even just tinker...do the oil...ride...drink (Crown Royal on the rocks is my beverage of choice!) tinker some more.....do the transmission...etc...
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    Drink enough to be frustration free but not to forget something like torquing drain plug, or adding oil!!!!!:s