God bless ya John S Blyth and your buddies

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    Hi to all,
    got laid up after a crash, bones are mending now, on the bike again thursday.
    During my laid up phase I found this on You tube:

    Operation Crossbow. - YouTube

    John S Blyth flew with 14 PRS USAAC and brought his Spitfire down in a pancake landing. (14 PRS had switched to Spits).
    What is often forgotten is that Americans and Canadians were flying spits and Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain as volunteers before the USA entered the war.
    John S Blyth and his countrymen flew alongside our British boys to carry out the essential missions to identify and attack the new threat to our island home.
    Gentlemen, thank you for your service in the defence of our little island-we will remember you.
    BTW, Bogart is mentioned in the film, in fact it was not BOGART but BOGARDE who was an english actor and naturally, by his english heritage, cooler and better looking than Bogart:newsmile100::newsmile100:.
    I now live in France and often visit Normandy (I am ex Brit Airborne).Should anyone have relatives lying in French soil and do not have the finances to visit their folks final resting place, drop me a PM and I will visit the grave and present a salute and place the Red Rose of England and take a photograph if you so wish.