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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by recharge, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I have been reading about the heat problem on these touring bikes. My question is before doing something to reduce heat, can it be done right away or should the engine broke in for awhile? I have never broke in a new engine yet and read the 30-60-30, here in Canada I guess it would be 50km-100km-50 in third gear, just a little nervous about doing that and if I do that I will haul it out of the city first.
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    You can do heat reduction mods at any point like more fuel mainly and possibly an intake and exhaust modification (stage 1).
    The break in (30/60/30) really doesn't take that much time or road to do but you probably are better finding a road that doesn't have much traffic to do it for safety reasons.

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    Don't forget the TFI or Gen 3 and the Soon Gen4 Tis is what makes them run a Lot cooler, Proper AFR and WOW..

    I have used this 50/100/50 method on two of my last New bought bikes... I was TRYING Out the 09 FLHR and said to my self,,, Why Not? Do all a favor...
    I broke it is this way First then proceeded to Test Ride from there...

    and YES I bought That one.... It was broke in:D