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  1. krcampbell

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    I have an '08 street glide with Stage 1 down load from dealership. I recently installed a set of Rienhart True duals and SE 255 cams. What base setting should I start with on the EJK Gen 3?
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    If your getting it new from Dobeck they'll have it set for your application. If it's used give Dobeck a call, tell them what mods you have done and they'll give you the setting info you need.

    Dobeck Performance 1-877-764-3337 or 1-406-388-2377
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  3. DobeckTechSupport

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    Any of our EJK Gen 3 and 3.5 applications come with recommended settings for stage 1 modifications. These settings will give you a close tune up for intake and exhaust mods. Minor tweaking of the settings may be necessary for more aggressive/wild intake & exhaust combinations.

    Settings will likely need to be changed for further engine modifications.

    Typically, cam modifications will richen up your fueling at low rpm and lean out at mid and high rpm.

    If you want to dial in your tune up and know exactly how your vehicle is running, I would recommend renting our SAFR diagnostic tool. It is an air fuel ratio gauge that taps into your exhaust to give you an AFR reading without welding in a wideband O2 sensor. find more info@ SAFR - Standalone Air Fuel Ratio Diagnostic Tool

    If the SAFR tool is not something you want to do, give us a shout at the office and I can go over the adjustments you will likely make and what to look for when tuning the EJK. 1.877.764.3337 Ask for Dillon

    -Dobeck Tech Support
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    I find it hard to understand how to tweak it....too many lights, blink patterns, etc. I liked it better when the pots just had clock face type settings with a small screwdriver
  5. TQuentin1

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    Call Dillon and talk to him about your exact setup. He will walk you through all the settings you need to make on your Gen 3.x

    If you still don't like your unit, sell it on eBay or here on the site and get a Gen 2 unit with the analog pots.


  6. danthern

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    Good advice, thanks