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    hi all
    just a quick one as you know im new on here so if im not doing things right please forgive me
    here goes,iv got a 1998 sportster 1200 and as iv only just had the bike i want to change the gearbox (transmission oil) can any one tell me the best way to do this and how too,i know i sound dumb and i suppose i am as this is my first harley and trying to learn as quick as i can,hope your all well
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    Do you have a manual? Check the self help section:s
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    The gearbox on your sportster shares the oil with the primary transmission the drain plug is to the bottom rear of the primary cover that is on the left side of the bike as viewed from the riding position ensure the bike is upright when draining the oil refill through the derby cover that is the round cover on left side of bike above and slightly forward of the drain plug
    refill with approx 32 fluid Oz's of appropriate oil suitable for a sportster transmission
    correct oil level is when the oil is up to the bottom of the clutch basket with the bike upright