gear driven cams in 2000 fxstd deuce

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Eddy1, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Eddy1

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    Went to dealer & to put in gear driven cams & what ever comes in kit is $1900. Just wondered if this is in the ballpark figure? If anyone knows thanx
  2. TQuentin1

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    Probably about right. Parts to do the whole thing with new cams will be in the $600-800 range depending on the cams. But call John at Flying W and ask what he would charge you for the full kit with the cams you want:


    Having said all that, why do you want to do the gear drive? There is a bunch of discussion on this site about gear drive vs. roller chain conversion. Check that all out before you pull the trigger.

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  3. Eddy1

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    Dealer said go with gear driven & wont have to worry. Bike is a 2000 with 18000 miles. Plan on keeping bike forever. iam 60 & bike will probably last longer than me lol. about how many miles can you exspect from roller chain ? thanx again guys.
  4. kemo

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    I have to agree with TQ on the roller chain conversion. Call John Flying W, a real honest guy to deal with and he has all the answers you want and a great parts package to do the job right.
  5. caseydeuce

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    i have a 2001 FXSTD with 54,000 miles on it. Two weeks ago i pulled off my side cam cover and looked at the outer cam shoe. It still looks fine. I would recommend talking a look at them before replacing. they can last quite sometime. 18,000 isn't very many miles as long as you keep up on your oil changes, that can be a huge factor in the life of the entire engine,

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Gear driven cams have many benefits in regards to racing performance...but think about the one "unspoken" disadvantage...race engines are made to last...ONLY for an entire race, then the engine is torn down and rebuilt. Given the expense, knowledge and precision needed from a "team" to do the deed, it is not the cost of kit materials, but a question of longevity and application to fit your needs. Subjectively the "seat of the pants" difference is likely invisible in practice, only in the wants and needs.

    A day in and day out street engine goes through many more temperature changes, intermittant start and stop functions, loading, and varying degrees of long term mechanical conditions not nearly as well controlled as a few single starts, a few hours of high temperature, high stress race track conditions and then on to the trailer it goes. Consider what others have done and know most have used chain driven cams with no issues.
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  7. Butch

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    Changed over to geared drive on my '99 Ultra earlier this year. Ran me a tad under 1500. Most on here seem to lean toward the hydraulic cam chain tensioner over the geared system as a replacement. So far I find geared not a prob. In addition to a slight increase in torque, they are a little noisier than the chain drive.
  8. 2000classic

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    Went with the gear drive and cams a few years back and I would say your quote is a good one. Mine was around that but included TFI for fuel management. Love the gears. No tensioner's to worry about ever!:)
  9. Eddy1

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    Caseydeuce when you pulled off the cam cover could you see the inside shoe ? one the oil change every 2500 miles with aimsoil or red line. Thanx guys
  10. hd_lou

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    what else do U want to do to the motor besides cams?
    Ultimatley I believe that gear to gear is better in more than one way, but if your motor is going to be stock other that cam, exhaust, and air filter... staying with chain is safe. Some gears make noise and some you can hardly at hear. If set right, there is no maintinance and/or replacement necessarry for gear to gear.
    Honestly, no matter what way you go, you will spend alot of money on the cams and parts alone,... a few extra bucks and you get a more dependable result.