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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by AKRider, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. AKRider

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    Okay for some reason I thought I was going to get better mileage on my 05 softail springer. Right now I am getting some where around 32 to 35 mpg. is this right? what do you guys get? and if it's not right what the heck! I have Fuel injection and I know nothing about it. I am used to carbs. should I be doing something?
  2. jmackd1

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    my '04 softtail standard gets 36-37 in city driving and well over 44 on the highway, the best i have gotten has been 48mpg, that was flat east texas interstate.


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    A lot depends on What Modifications have been done.. Stage one?
    better Air, less restrictive exhaust, fuel device????/bigger bore/Cams?

    ALL the modifications will make a difference here..

    If you can ask the old owner or a Knowledgeable friend close by you to take a look at your bike OR if you have a friendly HD service, I would go there to ask about what they see...

    It is almost impossible to answer the question you are asking WITHOUT a lot of "what has been done to the bike"

    *****If it is running good? NOT burning Heavy BLACK out the exhaust and the Plugs look to be a tinge of Grey to brown and not Black.

    Try this out and maybe you will/can give us More information...

    The mileage you say is NOT way out of line IF the bike answers *****


    Note you state SOMEWHERE??? you need an accurate check to see mileage..
  4. whacko

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    My 2010 FXDC gets 45 MPH on the highway runs to and from work. When I'm cruising around the back roads and in town it drops to 25 - 30. Perfectly normal I would think for my bike but I only checked the mileage cuz I was curious.....certainly did not buy a harley for feul economy.
  5. AKRider

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    Will do thanks alot for the Advice, I know the last owner put on Rhineharts, but that is the extent of it. He said the dealer supposedly tuned it for the bike, I am not so sure about that. but that is pretty much the extent of it as far as I know, I will take a look at the plugs today and see what kind of build up is on them. and do some more mileage checking. 2 weeks ago I went to Fairbanks(600) mile round trip and on the way up it was getting 32, so I put in some EFI cleaner and it did jump up to 35mpg. thanks
  6. lorne

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    my buddies 89 springer gets 17.5 to the gal..good thing in Margarita gas is almost free!! my 98 softail is about 34 to the gal
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    OK -- I have an '01 Heritage. I take road trips with my wife on board. This past weekend, I filled the tank at home - FULL - and we rode exactly 100.0 miles to a gas station. Filled up with exactly 2.1 gals of gas. Im a happy camper.

  8. Iceman24

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    Bubbie's got you covered - alot depends on bike mods (pipes, air, fueler, etc.) and riding conditions (city/hwy, hills, wind) so see if the former rider/owner, or HD can tell you the set-up & work from there. Actually, 32-35 isn't all that bad for a v-twin...maybe they put a 103 kit in it - which would be sweet.
  9. TQuentin1

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    Whoa! Something way wrong with that Springer. That should be a 1340 EVO with the Keihin CV40 carb. Is his float needle getting stuck allowing the gas to continue to drain from the carb/tank when parked? With that much fuel going through the engine, his plugs should be a big black ball of mush around the electrode. That bike should almost be dripping gasoline out of the pipes.

  10. lorne

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    he bought it off a guy with more money and i can count. the previous owner bought it new in Holland and just keep putting money into it before he even put it on the road. i all i really know is it doesn't leak and it is a monster to ride papers say pushing well over 100 hp. too wild for me