Gas mileage is poor

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by marknett, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. marknett

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    I'm running the gen 3 on my 2012 dyna switchback . I have a stage 1 breather with a vance and hines slip-on and the cat drilled not removed.
    The bike was still in the break in period when I added the gen3 . I got on the first tank 36 mpg the second tank 37 mpg and the 3rd wasat 38 mpg.
    After installing the gen 3 i jave run 4 or 5 tanks of gas and I am getting 34 mpg. This is my current setting from factory
    grn 3.5
    Ylw 2.5
    red 2.5
    grn/blu 2
    ylw/blu 4
    red/blu 4.5

    i heard that backing off the grn by .5 and taking the ylw/blu up.5will help
    this sound right?
  2. glazier

    glazier Junior Member

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's the point of drilling the cats and not removing them completely??? What does drilling the cats do for you??? And what does drilling the cats mean??? Are you just drilling a hole through them??? I'm going to remove mine or just get new headers.
  3. marknett

    marknett Active Member

    I drilled a 3/4" drill bit at work that was long enough to drill it . By pulling off the slip on I was able to drill a hole in it whivh did give me a little more sound . I did this until I have time to pull the header pipe off and remove the cat all the way, or change exhaust . which ever comes first
  4. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    Your mpg will drop a bit after adding the gen 3, you'll be running a little richer. That is to be expected.
  5. marknett

    marknett Active Member

    I agree but I would think this bike should be in the 40 -44 range even with the tuner ? Is that expecting more than I should?
  6. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    The right wrist is directly connected to the lips which in turn is related to the fuel mileage. After the install of the tuner the wrist seems to be twisted down a little more than before which makes the lips turn upwards in a smile which in turn causes fuel mileage to drop. After one gets use to the additional power the tuner provides, mileage usually will pick up a little.

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.:D
  7. Breeze3at

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    Mark; I have no experience with CAT equipped HD. I did get more than a 10% drop in mileage when I installed my Gen1 TFI. After I regained control of my wrist, the mileage was consistently 10% less than original. I gradually leaned out my settings and got back to 5% less than original, while still being able to notice improved performance. It doesn't take many "happy wrists" to effect the mpg. Also, your bike is still settling in mileage wise. I do think a cat equipped Switchback should get mid 40' mpg when broken in. Just M.O.
  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    More fuel = cooler running and down a bit on fuel mileage,but better to be a bit rich than lean like they are from the factory JMO
  9. marknett

    marknett Active Member

    I appreciate the replies . Im gonna play with the green setting and go from there. :D
  10. dolt

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    The MoCo says the 2012 Switchback, in stock trim, should get 42mpg and that is running with an AFR of 14.7; pretty lean. Add a tuner, richen the AFR to 13.2-13.6 and mileage will drop.

    The only way to check mileage against factory specs is to find a 50 mile stretch of fairly flat road, fill the tank and run out 50 miles holding speeds between 60-65mph. Turn around and ride 50 back the same way; fill up and check mileage.

    Once you modify the engine to improve performance and the road throws things at you like wind, terrain that changes in elevation or direction that require on/off throttle application, load the bags with gear and start running 70-80mph, forget about achieving the MoCo poste mileage; it won't happen.

    It is what it is, fill up when you need to and don't check mileage. Enjoy being knees in the wind; that's what motorcycling is all about.:bigsmiley11: