gas leaking problem

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by countryboy1065, May 5, 2014.

  1. countryboy1065

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    I have gas coming out of my timing cover on my 98 fat boy what has happened and what do I need to do the bike will not crank
  2. Jennmarr

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    I'm guessing a carbureted bike with a float stuck leaving the needle valve open. The crankcase is now full of gasoline. Do not attempt to crank the engine. Serious damage can result if it hasn't already. You need to get the gas out of the crankcase. Maybe the easiest way is pulling the pipe plug in the bottom of the case. If you pull that plug, use caution when reinstalling it. Over torquing can crack a case.
  3. tourbox

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    A '98 would be an EVO motor. I don't think they have the plug in the bottom of the engine like the TC's. I would pull the spark plugs, place tranny in 5th. gear. Elevate the rear tire so you could spin it by hand until gas has cleared. You possibly have gas in the oil also so you may want to change that after clearing the engine. As you spin the motor over with the tire a certain amount of gas & oil will be returned to the oil tank. Depending on how much gas has gone into the engine it may overflow your oil tank while clearing it.
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    Are you sure it's coming out of the cover and not just dripping down from the carb?
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    Do not attempt to turn engine over until you have followed what tourbox has said here, until you get ALL the gas out you could be compressing the gas in the cylinders, this could bend a rod or knock the starter off. By removing the plugs and slowly turning the engine over by hand you should be able to force the gas out of the cylinders. Your Evo does not have an engine crank case drain. You should change the oil and filter a couple of times and find out why the carb dumped that much fuel
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  7. ciscokid

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    raw fuel inside engine is bad very bad. do not start it. drain fluids . id pull the cover off and make sure its drained good. change oil couple times.