Garage Explosion

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    I'm sitting in my garage last night relaxing after a hard day of doing nothing,sipping a Bud, toe-tapping to a little Warren Zevon on the Street Glide radio, and enjoying a cool Colorado breeze blowing through.
    Suddenly I hear what I'm sure is a point blank gunshot behind my head. After realizing you don't hear the shot that kills you,I'm not hurt and I've only slightly soiled myself,I jump/ease myself out of my chair and run/waddle out of the garage up the stairs to my front door.I tell my wide-eyed wife "Get the phone", which she has in her shakey hand.
    I now jump/splatter to the bottom of the stairs where I see a giant yellowish cloud pouring out of the garage.I stand there for for a few seconds and realize something has blown up.I'm just starting in when my wife and daughter both yell " Don't go in there, it stinks!". I have a lot of flammables in there,a gun,bullets,gas cans,illegal Wyoming fireworks and Pledge:D."Where's my fire extinguisher?" I'm thinking.
    Anyway, to make Richard story short, it turns out a 4 pound fire extinguisher blew the nozzle end off about 3 feet from my head.Ironic.Oh yes I do have a big mess to clean up.If it was turned 180 we would be reading this in another section of the forum.The nozzle was stuck in the sheetrock behind me
    Cleaned the bike,went for a ride today and all is well.Just thought I'd share this stupid yet true(I only almost soiled myself)story with you so you can say "My weekend wasn't so bad" or " I need to check that old extinguisher".I still have mess, but that's life.

    Happy motoring.
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    Glad to hear that you are OK, Those extinguishers should to be checked on a regular basis, they can be easy to forget. They have the tags with the Dates on them.
  3. glider

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    Glad the Pledge was OK :D
  4. vaibhavcoder

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    I thanks GOD that you are ok.
  5. Lancer

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    I heard on the radio just the other day that fire extinguishers should be replaced every 10 years even if the gauge reads green and the pin is still in. Now I know why. Glad your ok, that nozzle in the back of the head would have hurt.
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    Hey - great story telling. Really enjoyed it and so glad you avoided your last and worst ever hangover. :D
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    Now that's a new one. Never heard of a fire extinguisher doing that. Might be time to replace my old extinguisher.

    Thanks for passing along the experience.
  8. twoup

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    WOW!!! Glad you and yours are OK!

    Guess I've never heard of a fire extinguisher exploding. What causes this? At work
    our safety officer checks them regularly but I was under the impression that after
    time the extinguisher just goes 'flat'. I'm removing the pledge from under the kitchen
    sink, next to the extinguisher, to the bedroom closet!

    ride safe
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    Like Rosanne Rosanna Danna (sp?) was fond of pointing out on Saturday Night Live, "It's always something!"
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    Glad the story had a happy endingm, and that you are OK. All too often, we neglect the flammable stuff that we accumulate in our garages and sheds. I have gotten into the habbit of going through the bad stuff once a year when our town has a hazardous waste cleanup day, and getting rid of what I can't use. Several months ago, thee was a shed fire in our town, and unfortunately, someone lost their life. We all have to be careful.....