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    I am finding that seat of the pants is a decent way to get in the tuning ballpark with my '03 RKC w/TFI. The seat of my pants is not calibrated for the smaller details as you get dialed in, however. I'm thinking of getting a G-Tech Fanatic SS Performance meter to actually be able to compare tuning runs.

    Here it is: GTech-Pro Model SS

    Have any of you tried one of these on a Harley? If so, how did you mount it? It comes set up to suction onto a auto windshield. That won't work on my machine.

    I suppose I could fabricate something, which will likely be necessary, but, I would prefer not to completely re-invent the wheel here.

    What kind of feedback do you guys that have this meter have on it? I know there is at least one of us here that has one. I have seen him reference it, only in passing, with respect to tuning his SERT.

    Rich P