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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by pawpaw01, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I ride a 2008 FXSTC. My son has a 2008 Fat Bob. The lean angle on my Custom is considerably more than his Dyna. Does anyone know of a way to modify the jiffy stand in order to decrease the amount of lean over? I actually set the jiffy stand on a short 2x4 now to keep the bike a little more upright. I appreciate any advice.
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    pawpaw a while ago i lowered my bike,being closer to the ground it lost the lean angle when on the stand so i had to look at ways to get it sitting rite again.so if i am reading your question right all you need to do is the opposite of what i done.I'm pretty sure either of these options will get you the result your after.

    1. you could keep the original jiffy stand mounted as is replacing just the arm itself with a extended version. (have not looked for parts for a while but remember seeing them on ebay for around $20-$30)

    2. the other option is to leave the jiffy stand exactly how it is but change the angle its mounted.there is a wedge available that is packed under the bottom two bolts to increase the lean so i guess you could simply reverse this method and pack it from the top to decrease the lean.not 100% sure but sounds good to me!!