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    what is the proper adjustment for the pushrods on a 1987 fxr? how many flats should i go after tdc is found and the rods are tight. I adjusted them yesterday and there is now a spuddering while riding. maybe I made them too tight. I went 19 flats for my adjustment...

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    WITH the piston at the top of it firing stroke..... Loosely with fingers...adjust the push-rods(FROM TOTALLY LOOSE) for "0" lash....Adjust the Exhaust then the intake.... From total LOOSE Just Tight to Touch....Taking the slack out of the adj and lifter.... NOT over finger tight... JUST Touching and Looseness play out... MOST OVER Tighten right here..... "0" Lash is what is is called..... NOT a bit toooo tight from touching with the play and shake side to side out...

    Then according to your Push Rod Threads per inch (you need to know the threads per inch of yours)....Adjust from there... to .120 or .140 Pre Lifter Load... on a .200 total movement of the lifter is a good position...

    I have 24 threads per inch (.0425 per turn) so I use 3T to 3.5 Turns and that puts me at about .120 and .140 respectfully...

    Does sound like a toooooo tight adjustment on your lifter(s).. DON'T run the bike that way....REadjust the lifters...

    ANY more questions....ASK:D

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    Bubbie has you covered here. And I agree that the biggest mistake folks make is at the beginning.

    You have to have the piston at TDC of the compression stroke to do both PRs. So if you watch your exhaust open then close, and the intake open and then close, when the piston gets to the top is the compression stroke TDC.

    Then collapse your PRs all the way and go have dinner. Better yet, take the PRs out and clean them making sure you know which is which (exhaust and intake). It is a good idea to make sure the oil path through the center of the PRs is completely cleaned out of any crud.

    When 15-20 min have passed since collapsing the PRs and the lifters have had time to completely extend, then reinstall the PR you are gonna do first. Slowly extend the end down onto the lifter until it has just made contact and will not wiggle side to side, but still turns easily. This is zero lash.

    Then adjust your PR the correct number of turns to accomplish about .120-.140" down (assuming standard lifter plunger travel of about .200" total).

    This seems to be the setting most folks have the least problems with.

    Repeat for the other PR, and then let it sit for 15-20 min until you can twirl the PRs with your thumb and index finger. At that point, button up the PR covers and rotate the engine to the TDC of the compression stroke of the other cylinder and repeat the process for that one.



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    REFINED Very Nicely TQ1 :D