Future newbie, I hope.

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  1. oldhippie

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    My youngest daughter, she's 19, asked me last weekend when I was going to teach her how to ride and if I'd let her ride my Ultra. She hadn't really mentioned before this that she was interested so I hadn't really thought about it. As for riding my Ultra, the answer involved a chance of snowballs and someplace really hot:lolrolling.
    Was going to buy my girls a bike 17 years ago when I transfered out of northern Manitoba. Unfortunately at that time the tax boys decided I didn't pay enough rent on my employer owned house while in Gillam, and with just buying our house we were stretched thin money wise, so the money I had saved for a bike went to keep the hounds at bay.
    Kinda just forgot about it and the girls never really seemed too eager as they survived their teenage years.

    Anyway, I picked up an '01 Yamaha TTR125 4 stroke dirt for all my favorite females to play with and learn on. If she's still serious then next year (hopefully), after she does the training course, we'll have to look for a decent beginner street bike:bigsmiley14::rider.

    Of course my wife had to rib me that now I have a new favorite daughter. Who am I to say no to such a simple request...:D
  2. Breeze3at

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    Good call on getting a learner bike to see if she really wants to ride, or just has the fever.
  3. sprinklerfitter669

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    I hope she is a natural, then you can have a new riding partner
  4. oldhippie

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    Since I'm stuck working 12-hr days this weekend and haven't got the time, she loaded up the bike and went to a cousins' uncle's house where they all ride dirt bikes. Just talked to her and they complimented her on doing so good for a beginner. She learned how to drive our Grand Am with the standard tranny so the concept of clutch and shifting is easy for her.

    She did fall once though. They kinda missed telling her about the back brake, so when she used the front only it slipped out on her and over she went. Minor scrape on her leg but otherwise she's good and still excited.

    I'm looking forward to next summer and I think she'll be going to get her licence next year, from what she's posted on Facebook with friends.:bigsmiley8::bigsmiley8::bigsmiley8:
  5. miketini24

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    that sounds great!! my daughter's only 9 so I have a couple more years to wait...
    forgot back brake?? lol.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    That is awesome and should give you a very big smile, Bet you are a proud man and Good For You:s
  7. Dr.Evil

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    If your not careful you may end up building a table top jump in your back yard and owning more dirt bikes as well as streeters. :34:
  8. oldhippie

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    Who, me, nah, I like to hold my emotions in. :D:D:D:D:bigsmiley24::bigsmiley24::newsmile108::newsmile01::bigsmiley8::lol:breakdance:bigsmiley8::bigsmiley8::newsmile090: Ooops, how that get in there.

    If I'm not careful, my body may forget to inform my mind that I'm not 18 and invincible anymore:newsmile100::newsmile100:. This could get painful for me:D.
    :eam You know that drainage ditch just might make for a nice ramp. :noMust... try... to... resist....

    GARVIN Active Member

    this is why I will not get a dirt bike , I love the jumps too much and it really hurts if you don`t land just right anymore,
  10. doc_63

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    Good choice on the dirt bike.Thats a great way to learn to ride. I have a Yami XT250 that I love to putt around on. I taught my son to ride last summer on it.

    Did I say Pefect???