Funny Hogtunes Install Story

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Dr. Dolittle, Sep 17, 2010.

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    I was installing my Hogtunes Tweeter Pod yesterday and had something hilarious (to me anyway) happen.

    First of all, I don't have the right hand/finger structure to be working with screws and washers in tight spaces. In my wife's words, I have Fred Flintstone fingers!

    Of course, as I was attempting to install the final screw/washer combo through the fairing from the inside, the screwdriver slipped and everything came tumbling out. I actually caught the washer but the screw disappeared. I assumed it got caught in the nightmare wire complex that resides inside a batwing fairing. Got out my reading glasses and a flashlight and proceeded to comb through all the wires looking for the screw. No luck. Got on my hands and knees and began to search all over the garage floor - under the bike, the jack, everywhere! No luck. Went back and looked in more obscure places in the fairing and all over the front end of the bike. No luck.

    I was all set to pull out the other screw and head to the hardware store for a matching replacement. Took a deep breath and decided to do one more look.

    Don't ask me how I missed it in all my previous searches but I found it - sitting there in plain view stuck to the magnet of the speaker on that side! I knew I hadn't heard it hit the floor but I totally forgot about how strong those speaker magnets are. If you ever drop something metal in your fairing, be sure to check these magnets!
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    Its always good, to stop step back, and take a breather, and look again :s
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    This is the point where you think wouldnt a magnetic screwdiver have prevented the wee bit of time searching for the screw as it would have still been on the end of the screwdriver

    Hey doc it is time to go tool shopping again :D
    as i havent been tool shopping for a long time i might just go first thing in the morning :s