fueling oil pump upgrade?

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    I am currently thinking about upgrading my oil pump to a fueling hi-flow unit.Has anyone used this particular pump and is it worth the 350 or so dollars it costs as opposed to a H-D pump? Thanks for the advice in advance,Ben.

    2004 Road King
    S&S 510 gear drive cams
    Thunderheader 2:1
    Twin Tec Ignition Module
    Mikuni HSR 42mm
    Ness Big Sucker Stage 2 ac

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    On my 2000 FXDS and a built motor to 95 with 570 G cams, headwork,high compression pistons and mikuni carb, programable ignition I used a Delkron cam plate and a feuling oil pump... Big dollars back then also but they were a good combination..

    TODAY, I would go with the High Flow New HD pump.BUT being you have gone Gear drives,,,, JUST the new style cam plate and oil pump will be needed..

    The HD uses bigger gerotors in the sump and the main oil side, so the larger cam-plate is needed for all to fit in......

    the HD oil-pump is about 160$ and a cam plate is at 69$...

    I would stay away from the SE cam-plate as it is billet made(soft aluminum) and Just hardened surfaces that will wear out prematurely,,, Mainly on the cam-plate where the gerotor runs...

    If your feuling oil pump will give you the More oil and for about the same $$$ and use your old cam-plate Why Not? It is a quality product..

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    On my '09 t/g i just used the fueling spring. 15 and 55 psi off idle.