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  1. yellcamo

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    Does anyone know the procedure for taking the fuel tank off an 08 Heritage Softail Classic? Thanks
  2. Harttoo

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    Run tank as low as You can before tank removal.Gas is heavy.
    Procedure for 08 Touring:Remove 15 amp fuel pump fuse.Run engine till it stalls.Operate starter 3 seconds to clear fuel line.Install fuel pump fuse.Remove Maxi-fuse.Remove console,one screw front and rear.Gently pry vapor valve fitting on top plate.Remove fuel pump connector.Locate quick connect fitting on left side of fuel tank.Pull up on chrome sleeve and pull down on supply line to disconnect.Remove rubber caps to reveal front fuel tank screws and remove screws.Remove plastic cover over rear tank bracket and remove 2 screws to release bracket from frame.
    Your tank should be very similar to this procedure.It is really very simple once You relieve fuel pressure.:)
  3. gator508

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    It would be a good idea when you disconnect the crossover line to have a few towels handy, even though the system is purged, always some left over gas there. Good luck!