Fuel Regulator leaking Gas

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    I have a 1998 FLHTCUI and last month the bike died for no reason and on occasion woluldn't start. The problem was traced to the ignition switch, I replaced it and everything worked like new for about a month and then the bike started bogging down almost to the point of stalling when I started out in 1st gear, only after warming up. I was able to keep the bike running by feathering the throttle or starting out at about 2000 rpm. Took it to dealer, no codes, nothing appeared to be wrong except the plugs which were new were coated completely in carbon. Feathering the throttle once warm produced a good bit black smoke. Dealer indicated they were just going to start replacing items until it was fixed. Well I can do that without the hourly labor charge. After replacing the spark plugs with stock--oh one thing I forgot to mention, bike has a stage 1 kit from HD installed, cleaner, pipes and upgrade to ECM---I drove 2 trips, about 20 miles each with the same result--bike ran fine while cold but after it warmed started acting up upon acceleration from stop. Figuring an intake gasket leak could be the problem I pulled the induction system and purchased an O-ring kit from harley. When I pulled the fuel pressure regulators out there was some surface rust on them, I used a piece of scotchbrite to gets the surface rust off, only a couple of lite twists and replaced the O-Rings on the injectors related regulator parts. Here is where the latest problem produced itself--When I started the bike the connection between the fuel line and the induction module leaked fuel. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the connection was not tight. The snap rings were in the right place but there was still play in the connection, obviously not sealing with the O-rings. Harley says the kit I received was the correct one. I took the induction module back off and even after the fuel lines were removed there was significant play in the tubes leading into the fuel regulator, even with the hold down still in place. I don't think the scotchbrite could have removed any material from the regulator posts-they appear to be hardened steel. I need to fix the fuel leak first to see if that was my driveablitity problem, anyone experienced this same issue with the fuel leak and if so what do I do to fix it? PS truck gets 11 miles to the gallon-need bike back....
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    I would check the plastic pressure regulator adaptor because they tend to crack and leak.
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    I am confused. What are you referring to when you mention "fuel regulators" above? The fuel pressure regulator is in the tank as part of the pump module along with the fuel filter. The problem you initially talked about sounded suspiciously like pin-holes in the plastic fuel lines inside the tank. But the second part of the story has me a bit confused understanding what you are talking about. Please identify by number on attached schematic.


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    It's part #3 in this photo. (regulator housing)



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